Choosing the Right Home Type on HostRooster

When potential guests are browsing accommodations on HostRooster, they want to know exactly what they can expect when they stay at your place. Selecting the correct home type helps them understand the layout and privacy of your listing. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the different home types available on HostRooster and how to accurately describe your space.

1. Entire Place

  • Description: Choosing “Entire place” means that guests will have exclusive access to the entire property. They won’t share any spaces with you or other guests. They’ll enjoy full privacy, including a private entrance, and no common areas will be shared.
  • Typical Inclusions: An entire place usually includes a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen. Guests can expect a self-contained living space.
  • Host Presence: If you’ll be on the property during the guest’s stay, it’s crucial to mention this in your listing description for full transparency (e.g., “Host occupies first floor of the home”).

2. Room

  • Description: Selecting “Room” indicates that guests will have their own private bedroom with a door for sleeping. However, some areas, such as the kitchen, living room, or bathroom, could be shared with you or other guests. Additionally, discover what constitutes a room on HostRooster.
  • Bathroom Options: Bathrooms can have different arrangements. They can be shared, private, and attached to the room, or dedicated exclusively to the guest. Make sure to specify this in your listing details.
  • Additional Details: Guests appreciate clarity, so provide as much information as possible about the shared spaces and the level of privacy they can expect in their rooms.

3. Shared Room

  • Description: If you choose “Shared room,” guests will be sleeping in either a bedroom or a common area that may be shared with other guests. It’s helpful to specify how many people they might be sharing the space with.
  • Transparency: Guests selecting shared rooms are often looking for budget-friendly options and a chance to meet new people. Transparency about the number of occupants and sleeping arrangements is essential.

Selecting the correct home type is crucial for setting guest expectations and ensuring they have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Remember, providing accurate details in your listing helps guests make informed decisions and enhances their overall experience.

Please keep in mind that guests appreciate honesty, so make sure your description accurately reflects the reality of your space. Clear and transparent communication is key to positive hosting experiences on HostRooster. For more information, see HostRooster’s Off-platform Policy.

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