Crafting HostRooster: Connecting Journeys of Hospitality and Discovery

Our Journey

From 9 to 5 they soared away, HostRooster’s journey came to play. Crafting stays in the Caribbean’s sway, Under the sun, where moments stay. A marketplace where connections bloom, Guests find more than just a room. Local threads weave through the loom, Enriching journeys, dispelling gloom. Dedicated hands, a vibrant hive, Essential services come alive. Travel’s magic, stories thrive, HostRooster’s tale, forever will derive.

Crafting Journeys of Connection and Discovery

In the bustling heart of London, a startup emerged, destined to redefine the very fabric of travel and hospitality. Meet HostRooster, Ltd., an innovative force behind an online marketplace where short- and long-term homestays intertwine with immersive experiences. With a distinct flair, HostRooster acts as a masterful broker, orchestrating connections and charging a commission for each exquisite booking.

A Journey Ignited by Bold Choices​

The tale of HostRooster unfolds in 2019, a year that witnessed a couple breaking free from the mundane constraints of a 9-5 routine. With a daring spirit, they embarked on an audacious journey – not just as travelers, but as full-time hosts. Side by side, they dared to dream and crafted an online sanctuary, an ode to the Caribbean sun. What they birthed wasn’t merely a guest abode; it was an authentic haven that transcended bricks and mortar. It was a realm of experiences, where stories and connections took flight.

A Transformation in Name and Purpose

As the pages of HostRooster’s journey unfurled, they etched remarkable milestones that narrated their evolution. In May 2019, HostRooster established its initial office in the dynamic city of London, ready to shape a new era in the world of hospitality. May 2022 signaled an evolution. Shedding its former name, BestKnownHost, the company embraced HostRooster. This transformation wasn’t mere semantics; it was a renaissance. 

how to become a host on hostrooster

A Digital Identity Takes Root

November 2022 witnessed HostRooster planting its digital flag with the domain, asserting its presence in the vast online landscape. December 2022 etched another milestone, as HostRooster secured its identity with a registered trademark (UK00003854900), a testament to its unwavering commitment. February 2023 marked a leap of innovation. HostRooster unfurled a Service-as-a-Product (“SaaP”) platform, a testament to its dedication to seamless service.

Design Redefined, Universality Embraced

June 2023 brought a visual symphony. HostRooster unveiled a new logo, a circular emblem housing a distinctive rooster silhouette. Inclusive and adaptable, this emblem resonated across diverse backgrounds, chosen from a pool of 50 designs with universal appeal. July 2023 saw the core marketplace take center stage, a stage set for exceptional guest experiences. August 2023 was an ode to enrichment. HostRooster birthed “experiences,” where the platform transcended from mere booking to a curator of moments, where users could engage and immerse. As HostRooster scripted its narrative, each moment, each milestone, became a thread, interwoven into a tapestry that celebrated the transformative power of travel, the resilience of visionaries, and the power of forging connections.  
Founded in 2019, HostRooster emerged from a couple's bold decision to escape the 9-5 routine and embark on a journey as full-time hosts. Together, they envisioned and crafted an online marketplace, launching not just a guest home but an authentic Caribbean sanctuary under the sun. Today, our hosts curate unique stays and immersive experiences, fostering genuine connections between guests and local communities. Alongside them, dedicated sellers contribute essential services, nurturing the vibrant HostRooster ecosystem. Our journey is a celebration of travel's transformative power, weaving stories and moments into a shared tapestry. Join us in enriching the HostRooster experience, where every stay and experience adds to the vibrant narrative.


HostRooster operates on a commission-based business model within the sharing economy. As an online marketplace, it connects hosts offering short- and long-term accommodations and experiences with guests seeking unique stays. When bookings are made through the platform, HostRooster charges a commission from each transaction. This business model enables hosts to monetize their idle or underutilized spaces while providing guests with a diverse range of accommodations and experiences. Additionally, HostRooster fosters connections between hosts, guests, and local communities, enriching the overall travel experience and promoting a vibrant ecosystem.

Yes, HostRooster operates as a platform business. It serves as an intermediary that connects hosts who offer accommodations and experiences with guests who are seeking places to stay. The platform facilitates transactions, communication, and interactions between hosts and guests, creating a marketplace where both parties can benefit. HostRooster’s role goes beyond just facilitating transactions; it also plays a pivotal role in building a community, ensuring trust and safety, and enhancing the overall user experience. This platform model allows HostRooster to bring together supply (hosts) and demand (guests) in a seamless and efficient way, making it a quintessential example of a platform business.


HostRooster operates as an online platform that facilitates connections between hosts and guests for accommodations and experiences. The platform works in several steps:

  1. Listing Creation: Hosts create listings for their accommodations or experiences, providing detailed descriptions, photos, pricing, availability, and any additional information.

  2. Browsing and Booking: Guests browse through the available listings, filtering results based on their preferences such as location, dates, amenities, and more. Once they find a listing that suits their needs, they can book it directly through the platform.

  3. Booking Confirmation: After a guest submits a booking request, the host has the option to accept or decline the request. If the host accepts, the booking is confirmed, and the guest’s payment is processed through the platform.

  4. Communication: Hosts and guests can communicate through the platform’s messaging system to discuss details, answer questions, and coordinate any arrangements.

  5. Stay or Experience: For accommodations, guests check in on the specified dates and enjoy their stay. For experiences, guests participate in the planned activity or event.

  6. Payment: HostRooster collects the payment from the guest, deducts its commission, and then transfers the remaining funds to the host. This ensures a secure and reliable payment process.

  7. Review and Feedback: After the stay or experience, both hosts and guests have the opportunity to leave reviews and provide feedback. This feedback system helps build trust within the community.

  8. Community and Support: HostRooster fosters a sense of community by providing resources, guidelines, and support for hosts and guests. The platform also handles any disputes and ensures a safe and reliable environment.

The platform’s user-friendly interface, secure payment processing, communication tools, and review system contribute to creating a seamless and efficient experience for both hosts and guests. HostRooster’s goal is to facilitate meaningful connections, unique stays, and memorable experiences while maintaining transparency and safety throughout the process.

The name “HostRooster” is a combination of two distinct elements: “Host” and “Rooster.”

  1. Host: The term “Host” directly relates to the individuals who provide accommodations and experiences to guests on the platform. In the context of a hospitality-related platform like HostRooster, “Host” represents the individuals who open their homes, properties, or spaces to guests, fostering a sense of hospitality and community.

  2. Rooster: The term “Rooster” has symbolic meanings across different cultures. Roosters are often associated with qualities such as alertness, awakening, and announcing the start of a new day. This symbolizes the platform’s role in waking up the travel and hospitality industry by offering unique stays and experiences.

Combining “Host” with “Rooster”  signifies a platform that wakes up and energizes the hospitality sector through its innovative approach to connecting hosts and guests. The name also promote a vibrant and lively community of hosts who are eager to welcome guests and provide memorable experiences.

The founders of the platform selected the name based on their vision, branding strategy, and the values they wanted to convey to their users.

The primary purpose of the HostRooster business is to create a dynamic and inclusive online marketplace that connects hosts offering accommodations and experiences with guests seeking unique and authentic stays. HostRooster aims to foster a sense of community, facilitate meaningful connections between hosts and guests, and provide a platform for individuals to monetize their spaces and talents.

Key purposes of the HostRooster business include:

  1. Facilitating Connections: HostRooster serves as a bridge between hosts and guests, enabling hosts to showcase their accommodations and experiences while allowing guests to discover and book them easily.

  2. Enriching Travel Experiences: The platform seeks to enhance the travel experience by offering guests a diverse range of accommodations and immersive experiences that go beyond traditional options.

  3. Empowering Hosts: HostRooster empowers individuals to become hosts and monetize their properties, talents, and local knowledge, enabling them to generate income and share their passions with others.

  4. Community Building: HostRooster creates a community of hosts and guests who share common interests and values. It encourages interactions, reviews, and feedback to build trust and a sense of belonging.

  5. Innovation in Hospitality: By operating within the sharing economy, HostRooster contributes to the evolution of the hospitality industry by embracing new ways of connecting people and utilizing underutilized resources.

  6. Cultural Exchange: HostRooster provides a platform for cultural exchange, allowing guests to experience destinations from a local perspective and hosts to share their culture and traditions.

  7. Economic Impact: The business model generates economic benefits by supporting hosts, local businesses, and the broader hospitality ecosystem.

  8. Transformative Power of Travel: HostRooster recognizes and celebrates the transformative power of travel, emphasizing the positive impact it can have on individuals and communities.

Overall, the purpose of the HostRooster business is to create a vibrant, user-friendly platform that brings hosts and guests together, fosters connections, and enriches the way people experience travel and hospitality.

Yes, HostRooster can be used as a business, specifically as a platform for individuals to offer accommodations and experiences to guests. If you’re interested in becoming a host on HostRooster, you can list your properties, spaces, or activities on the platform to attract potential guests. As a host, you can provide various types of accommodations, such as rooms, apartments, houses, or even unique stays like treehouses or boats. Additionally, you can offer experiences or activities that guests can book through the platform.

Here’s how you can use HostRooster as a business:

  1. Create Listings: List your properties, accommodations, or experiences on the HostRooster platform. Provide detailed descriptions, photos, pricing, availability, and any special features.

  2. Manage Bookings: Receive booking requests from guests and manage your availability calendar. Accept or decline bookings based on your preferences and availability.

  3. Host Responsibilities: As a host, you’ll be responsible for providing a comfortable and safe environment for your guests. This includes maintaining your property, responding to guest inquiries, and ensuring a positive guest experience.

  4. Monetize Your Space: By hosting on HostRooster, you can generate income from your idle or underutilized spaces. You can set your own pricing based on market trends and the unique features of your accommodations.

  5. Engage with Guests: Interact with guests through the platform’s messaging system, offering local recommendations, and ensuring their needs are met during their stay.

  6. Build Reviews and Reputation: Positive reviews from guests can enhance your reputation as a host and attract more bookings. Providing exceptional hospitality and experiences can lead to repeat guests and word-of-mouth referrals.

  7. Participate in Community: HostRooster fosters a community of hosts, where you can connect with other hosts, share insights, and learn from each other’s experiences.

  8. Comply with Policies: Adhere to HostRooster’s policies, terms of service, and local regulations to ensure a safe and reliable hosting experience.

Using HostRooster as a business allows you to tap into the sharing economy, offer unique stays or experiences, and contribute to the travel and hospitality industry while generating income from your offerings.

People can make money on HostRooster by becoming hosts and offering accommodations or experiences to guests on the platform. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Listing Creation: Hosts create detailed listings for their accommodations or experiences. Listings include information such as property descriptions, photos, amenities, pricing, availability, and any unique features.

  2. Accommodations: Hosts can offer a variety of accommodations, including rooms, apartments, houses, villas, cabins, and even unconventional stays like yurts or campervans.

  3. Experiences: In addition to accommodations, hosts can create and offer unique experiences or activities for guests. These could range from guided tours and workshops to cooking classes and outdoor adventures.

  4. Pricing: Hosts set their own pricing for accommodations and experiences based on factors like location, amenities, and market demand. HostRooster may provide pricing suggestions as guidance.

  5. Booking Requests: Guests browse listings, choose their preferred accommodations or experiences, and send booking requests to hosts. Hosts have the option to accept or decline these requests.

  6. Payment: Once a booking is confirmed, HostRooster handles the payment process. The platform collects the payment from the guest, deducts its commission and any applicable fees, and then transfers the remaining funds to the host.

  7. Guest Interaction: Hosts interact with guests through the platform’s messaging system, providing information, answering questions, and offering local recommendations.

  8. Hosting Responsibilities: As a host, you’ll be responsible for ensuring a positive guest experience. This includes providing a clean and comfortable environment, addressing guest needs, and adhering to HostRooster’s hosting guidelines.

  9. Earning Potential: Hosts can earn money from each successful booking. The amount you earn depends on factors like your pricing, the number of bookings, and the length of stays.

  10. Reviews and Reputation: Positive reviews from guests can enhance your reputation as a host, leading to more bookings over time. Providing exceptional hospitality and experiences can help you build a strong hosting profile.

  11. Additional Services: Some hosts offer extra services for an additional fee, such as airport transfers, guided tours, or meals.

By becoming a host on HostRooster and offering quality accommodations or experiences, individuals can generate income from their properties, spaces, or unique skills while providing travelers with memorable and authentic stays.

HostRooster’s success can be attributed to several key factors that have contributed to its growth and popularity:

  1. Unique Value Proposition: HostRooster offers a unique value proposition by combining accommodations and experiences in one platform. This differentiation allows travelers to not only find a place to stay but also to explore and book various activities and experiences.

  2. Diverse Offerings: The platform caters to a wide range of traveler preferences, from traditional accommodations like apartments and houses to unconventional stays like treehouses, boats, and unique experiences. This diverse selection attracts a broader audience.

  3. Local Authenticity: HostRooster emphasizes authentic and local experiences. This approach allows guests to connect with the culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the destinations they visit, creating more meaningful and memorable trips.

  4. Community Building: HostRooster fosters a sense of community among hosts, guests, and local residents. The platform encourages hosts to share insights, recommendations, and personal stories, contributing to a vibrant and engaged user base.

  5. User-Friendly Interface: The platform’s intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy for both hosts and guests to create listings, search for accommodations and experiences, communicate, and manage bookings.

  6. Trust and Safety Measures: HostRooster implements trust and safety measures, including identity verification, secure payment processing, and review systems. These features help build trust among users and ensure reliable transactions.

  7. Review System: The review system allows hosts and guests to leave feedback after each stay or experience. Positive reviews enhance a host’s reputation and credibility, attracting more bookings.

  8. Flexible Pricing: Hosts have control over their pricing, enabling them to adjust rates based on demand, seasons, and special events. This flexibility can lead to competitive pricing and increased bookings.

  9. Marketing and Branding: Effective marketing strategies and branding efforts have helped HostRooster establish a recognizable presence in the hospitality industry, attracting both hosts and guests.

  10. Global Reach: HostRooster’s global reach allows hosts to reach a vast audience of travelers from around the world. This international exposure expands earning opportunities for hosts.

  11. Continuous Innovation: HostRooster consistently introduces new features, tools, and services to enhance the user experience and address the evolving needs of hosts and guests.

  12. Responsive Customer Support: Reliable customer support ensures that hosts and guests receive assistance and resolve any issues promptly, contributing to a positive user experience.

HostRooster’s success is a result of its ability to offer a unique and compelling platform that addresses the desires of modern travelers for authenticity, community, and diverse experiences. By catering to these needs while maintaining trust, safety, and user-friendliness, HostRooster has managed to thrive in the competitive hospitality industry.



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