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Lucrative. Global. Flexible

HostRooster’s affiliate program is a premier hotel affiliate program, offering your audience access to a growing selection of accommodations and experiences.

About Program

HostRooster’s affiliate program operates in the Hotel and Travel niches and offers a competitive 2.5% commission for completed bookings. It’s designed for HostRooster hosts and guests, providing an additional income stream through referrals. There are two main earning options:

  1. 2.5% Commission per Traveler Referral: Earn up to a 2.5% commission for each guest you refer who completes a HostRooster booking. This commission rewards you for driving traffic that leads to conversions.

  2. 50% Recurring Commission for Each Pricing Plan Referral: Affiliates can earn a remarkable 50% recurring commission for each host they refer who purchases a HostRooster pricing plan. 

Additional Earning Potential:

But that’s not all! The third earning potential comes from HostRooster-branded merchandise. Here, hosts and guests have the opportunity to earn up to 5% through the sale of HostRooster merchandise. This unique feature diversifies your income streams and adds a creative flair to your affiliate journey.

Program Highlights

HostRooster Affiliate Program Highlights

Competitive Commission

HostRooster boasts a 2.5% commission rate, surpassing many competitors that typically offer between 1% and 2%.

Global Reach

HostRooster operates in over 100 countries, offering access to a vast and diverse audience.

Requesting Payments on HostRooster

Average Booking Price

The platform features an average booking price of £2,570, making it an attractive choice for affiliates.

Versatile Offerings

HostRooster connects users to accommodations and experiences, including unique spaces, hotels, apartments, villas, bars, restaurants, and more, ensuring broad appeal.

Why Choose Us

Tailored Stays

Personalized accommodations for your unique journey.

Captivating Experiences

Curated activities that create lasting memories.

Generation Income

Earn with our affiliate program or generate passive income from your home or spare room.

Exceptional Support

Experience dedicated assistance and outstanding service for seamless stays and job applications.

Transform Your life into an Exclusive Journey with HostRooster

The HostRooster affiliate program is a premier hotel affiliate program, offering your audience access to a growing selection of accommodations and experiences. You’ll receive a generous reward for each completed booking, ensuring the quality of referrals. If you’re seeking an alternative to the Airbnb affiliate program, HostRooster is an excellent choice. Its operation closely aligns with Airbnb’s model, catering to both traditional travel bloggers and site owners. With its high average sales and competitive commission rate, HostRooster presents an appealing opportunity to monetize a travel blog.

Join the HostRooster affiliate program today and offer your audience a convenient service for booking accommodations and experiences worldwide while earning income with one of the best affiliate programs in the world.



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