HostRooster’s Off-Platform Policy

As a host on HostRooster, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to our terms and policies, including our Terms of Service, which we retain the right to enforce at our discretion. In instances of repeated or severe violations, we may suspend or permanently deactivate user accounts.

To safeguard our community and business, certain actions outside of the HostRooster platform are prohibited:

  1. Redirecting Bookings Off-Platform:
    • Taking guests off HostRooster for new, partial, or future bookings.
    • Initiating contact with potential guests before their booking on HostRooster with the intention of diverting the reservation elsewhere (e.g., offering off-platform discounts).
    • Requesting guests to fill out forms, or communicate through non-HostRooster channels before confirming bookings.
    • Cancelling existing reservations to encourage guests to rebook off HostRooster.
    • Encouraging guests to make repeat or future bookings outside of HostRooster.
  2. Directing Guests to External Platforms:
    • Including links or buttons in messages that lead guests away from HostRooster to external websites.
    • Asking for contact or identity information from guests for purposes unrelated to their stay.
    • Soliciting guests for their contact information via HostRooster’s messaging system or email alias post-booking.
    • Requesting guests to provide contact information for credit checks or background checks.
    • Using guest contact information to facilitate payments outside of HostRooster’s platform.
  3. Misusing Contact Information:
    • Requesting or using guests’ contact information to settle additional payments outside of HostRooster.
    • Employing contact information for marketing communications or contact lists without guest consent.


  • Contact information can be requested for legal or compliance reasons, verified by a Host at HostRooster’s request, provided it’s disclosed in the listing description.
  • Guests can confirm the appropriateness of contact information after booking.
  • Alternative communication methods can be used if requested by guests post-booking, while adhering to policy requirements.

Feedback and Reviews:

  • Hosts should not direct guests to review stays on non-HostRooster websites or off-platform surveys unless they’re approved hotel partners.

Access and Registration:

  • Hosts cannot require guests to create separate accounts or use third-party apps to access listings.
  • Exceptions apply for legal or compliance reasons and must be indicated in the guest-facing listing description.

This Off-Platform Policy aims to preserve the integrity of the HostRooster community and ensure a consistent and secure experience for all parties involved. For additional clarifications or queries, please contact us.



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