What Constitutes a Room on HostRooster?

Rooms on HostRooster provide guests with a balanced blend of privacy and the opportunity to connect with local hosts and their surroundings. When you list a room, guests get their own private bedroom within a host's home, with access to spaces that may be shared with others. This guide clarifies what qualifies as a room and what you need to display it as such to potential guests.

What Is Considered a Room?

A room, on HostRooster, is an excellent choice for guests who value privacy while also seeking a local experience. Here’s what characterizes a room:

  1. Private Bedroom: The space listed should be a bedroom with a door, exclusively intended for the guest’s use during their stay. Guests can enjoy their own personal sanctuary within your home.
  2. Shared Common Spaces: In addition to the private bedroom, guests should share access to at least one or more of the following common areas: bathroom, kitchen, or living room. This arrangement fosters a sense of community and interaction with the host and other travelers.
  3. Host Identity: To ensure transparency and trust, the listing’s host must be a real person using their own name. Business names, nicknames, or other non-personal names are not allowed.
  4. Private Rooms in Multi-Unit Buildings: Even in multi-unit buildings, condos, townhomes, and apartments, you can offer private rooms if they meet the criteria mentioned above.

What Listings Are Not Considered as a Room?

Certain spaces and accommodation types do not meet the criteria for being categorized as a room on HostRooster:

  1. Open Spaces: Lofts, rooms, or other spaces without a door that separates them from other areas in the home are not considered rooms.
  2. Shared Bedrooms: A room where the guest may share the sleeping area with someone else is categorized differently as a shared room.
  3. Mobile Accommodations: Tents, campers, airstreams, buses, cars, and RVs fall outside the room category.
  4. Traditional Lodgings: Hotels, boutique hotels, aparthotels, pensions, hostels, co-living apartments, serviced apartments, guesthouses, nature lodges, wellness resorts, and resorts are distinct categories on HostRooster.
  5. Bed & Breakfast Variance: Bed & Breakfast accommodations may or may not be classified as private rooms. It depends on factors like whether it resembles a boutique hotel or hostel and whether it aligns with the requirements listed above.
  6. Self-Contained Units: In-law units or guest houses that share a backyard but are otherwise self-contained spaces are not room listings.

Please ensure that your listing settings accurately reflect the type of space you’re offering to help guests find your listing more easily. If your listing doesn’t meet the room criteria but you make necessary updates, these changes will be reviewed to determine whether your listing can be displayed as a room to potential guests.

If your listing doesn’t meet the requirements, you can edit your listing type and property type to better match the kind of space you host. This will help guests find your listing more effectively based on their preferences.

At HostRooster, we strive to provide clarity and transparency for both hosts and guests to ensure that your hosting or travel experience is seamless and enjoyable.

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