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Discover STUSH IN THE BUSH: A Sustainable Culinary Oasis

Welcome to STUSH IN THE BUSH - Where Sustainability Meets Seductive Vegetarian Delights!

Nestled amidst the lush, vibrant heart of Jamaica lies a culinary haven like no other – STUSH IN THE BUSH. It's more than just a dining experience; it's a sustainable love story, an edible journey, and a feast for your senses.

What Sets Us Apart? STUSH IN THE BUSH isn't just a restaurant; it's a philosophy, a way of life, and a profound love story. Meet Chris and Lisa, the dynamic duo behind this extraordinary culinary adventure. Their love for each other is matched only by their deep affection for the earth and its bounty.

From Farm to Plate: Sustainable Luxury At the core of STUSH IN THE BUSH is a commitment to sustainable, regenerative agriculture. Their farm is a vibrant tapestry of herbs, vegetables, exquisite greens, seasonal fruits, medicinal plants, and ornamental wonders. Every ingredient is nurtured with love, and it shows in every bite.

Delectable Artistry: Award-Winning Creations Step into their kitchen, and you'll discover a world of gourmet marvels. STUSH IN THE BUSH crafts small batches of culinary magic, from their exquisite Pepper Sauces to fruit-infused Vinaigrettes, Preserves that capture the essence of the seasons, and Nut-Based Cheeses that redefine indulgence. Their sauces? They're your secret weapon for elevating your own culinary creations.

Gifts of Flavor and Luxury STUSH IN THE BUSH offers more than just a meal; they offer an experience you can take home. Explore their gift baskets and select products available in hospitality and travel sizes – perfect for restaurants, cafes, boutique hotels, and gift shops. Share the love, the flavor, and the luxury with your cherished ones.

Fall in Love with Your Food Prepare for an intimate farm-to-table dining experience that transcends the ordinary. As ardent Locavores, Chris and Lisa curate a bespoke fine dining adventure where every plate is a work of art, a testament to the season's finest offerings. Here, you eat with your eyes first, and with every bite, you'll fall deeper in love with your food.

STUSH IN THE BUSH invites you to savor the essence of sustainability, the magic of local ingredients, and the seduction of vegetarian cuisine. Join us in a culinary love affair like no other. Reserve your seat at the table and let your taste buds dance to the rhythm of nature.


Good to know

Nestled amidst nature's lush embrace, STUSH IN THE BUSH beckons you into a world where sustainability dances with luxury, and every dish is a love story. This extraordinary destination, the brainchild of Chris and Lisa, is a celebration of earth's bounty and the purest form of vegetarian seduction.

A Bounty from Earth to Table STUSH IN THE BUSH is a testament to the magic of regenerative agriculture. Here, the land yields an exquisite tapestry of herbs, vegetables, and vibrant greens. Seasonal fruits, medicinal plants, and majestic hardwoods grace this earthly haven, all meticulously nurtured to grace your table.

Culinary Artistry Within their kitchen, culinary alchemy unfolds. Chris and Lisa craft small-batch wonders, each a masterpiece in its own right. From the fiery embrace of Pepper Sauces to the sweet allure of Fruit Forward Vinaigrettes, their creations invite you on a gastronomic journey. Nut-Based Cheeses and Butters, along with heavenly sauces, elevate your own culinary adventures.

A Love Story on a Plate STUSH IN THE BUSH invites you to dine under the stars, where each meal is a tale of love and devotion to the finest ingredients. The farm's seasonal bounty infuses every dish, captivating your senses as you feast with your eyes first.

Experience Luxury, Embrace Earth STUSH IN THE BUSH is where luxury meets sustainability, where plant-based delights awaken your senses, and where every visit is a love affair with the land.

Before embarking on your journey to STUSH IN THE BUSH, there are a few things you should know to ensure a smooth and delightful experience. Here's a comprehensive guide to answer all your questions:

Booking Questions:

1. How much does it cost, and how do I make a reservation?

  • The cost is $165 USD per person.
  • A 25% deposit is required to secure your booking, refundable up to 10 days before your visit.
  • For parties of 6 or more, a gratuity of 10% is charged, whether booked individually or as a single group.

2. What days are you open for guests?

  • STUSH IN THE BUSH is open on Fridays and Sundays at 1 PM.
  • They are closed on Saturdays.

3. Can I choose the dishes I want?

  • STUSH IN THE BUSH offers a prix fixe menu based on seasonality and sustainability.

4. Do you serve traditional Jamaican cuisine?

  • They prepare reimagined Jamaican fare based on seasonality.
  • Fully plant-based (ital).

5. Can you make me a birthday cake?

  • Yes, inform them when booking, and cake prices start at $90 USD.

6. Do you offer a discount for local residents?

  • STUSH IN THE BUSH has one standard price and menu for all guests.

7. Can I pay via bank transfer for the deposit?

  • Deposits must be made to confirm your reservation.
  • PayPal is used for credit cards.
  • Bank transfers are accepted.

8. Is the Earth Walk/Farm Tour included?

  • Yes, the Earth Walk is part of the experience.

9. Can I have wine with my meal?

  • Yes, they offer wines by the glass and bottle, select rums, and curated pairing options.

10. Can I bring my own wine? - No, corkage is not offered. Alcohol must be purchased on the farm.

11. Why are you closed on Saturdays? - Saturdays are their days of rest, with no exceptions for bookings.

12. Will I be eating with people I don't know? - Dining is communal, so expect to share the experience with others.

Arrival Questions:

13. How long will it take me to reach the farm? - Approximately 40 minutes from Ocho Rios - Approximately 40 minutes from Runaway Bay - Approximately 90 minutes from Montego Bay - Approximately 90 minutes from Kingston - Approximately 2 hours from Portland - Approximately 3 hours from Negril

14. Should I arrive earlier than my booking time for the Farm Tour? - No, the Farm Tour is included in the overall experience timing.

15. What if I'm late for my visit? - Being more than 30 minutes late may result in missing parts of the experience.

16. If I arrive early, can I hang out? - The road to the farm is closed; pick-ups start promptly at 1 PM.

17. Should I drive all the way down to the Farm? - It's advised not to drive all the way down. Call on arrival, and arrangements will be made.

Visit Questions:

18. I can't find directions; where are you located? - Directions are provided upon booking; please do not use Google Maps.

19. Do you have special COVID-19 requirements? - Temperature checks and self-assessment are required. - Masks should be worn when needed, and social distancing is encouraged.

20. Can I come for the Earth Walk only? - The Earth Walk is part of the dining experience and cannot be booked separately.

21. How should I dress? - Dress smart, classy casual. Beachwear is not allowed. - Bring a light sweater for cooler days or if it has been raining.

22. What should I bring? - Hand sanitizer, sunscreen, sun hat, and insect repellent. - Use natural insect repellent when possible. - Floor cushions and blankets for added comfort.

23. Do you have dogs, and can they be locked away? - They have friendly dogs that aren't locked away.

24. Can you arrange transportation? - Transportation assistance is available at an additional cost.

25. Is my driver allowed to participate in the experience? - Yes, drivers can join

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