Ground rules for Hosts

As a valued member of the HostRooster community, it’s crucial to understand and adhere to our ground rules. These rules are designed to create a hospitable environment, ensuring a positive and reliable experience for both hosts and guests. Let’s delve into the details of our ground rules for hosts:

Reservation Commitment

1. Honoring Reservations:

  • Hosts are expected to honor accepted reservations and provide a reliable check-in experience.

2. Cancellations:

  • Hosts should avoid canceling confirmed reservations unless under valid circumstances. In such cases, hosts should aim to provide ample lead time and seek assistance from HostRooster.

3. Check-in Experience:

  • Guests should readily access the listing at check-in, with clear directions and updated access details provided by the host.

Timely Communication

1. Response Time:

  • Hosts or Co-Hosts should be available to respond promptly to guest inquiries or unexpected issues before and during stays.

2. Reasonable Response Time:

  • Response times should be reasonable, considering the nature of the guest’s inquiry and the stage of their trip.

Listing Accuracy

1. Accurate Representation:

  • The listing page at the time of booking should accurately describe the home, including booking details, location, type, size, privacy, property, amenities, and house rules.

2. Changes to Booking Details:

  • Hosts should only modify accepted bookings with the guest’s prior consent.

Listing Cleanliness

1. Health and Safety:

  • Listings should be free of health hazards, ensuring the well-being of guests.

2. High Standard of Cleanliness:

  • Hosts must maintain a high standard of cleanliness, addressing issues such as dust, pet dander, and dirty dishes.

3. Guest Turnover:

  • Hosts should clean thoroughly between every stay, including tasks such as laundry, trash removal, vacuuming, and surface cleaning.

Reporting a Violation

1. Communication with Host:

  • Guests are encouraged to communicate with the host first to resolve issues promptly.

2. Documentation:

  • Issues should be documented using the HostRooster message thread, photos, etc.

3. Contacting HostRooster:

  • If the host cannot resolve the issue, guests should contact HostRooster to report the problem directly or request assistance through the Resolution Center.

4. Honest Review:

  • Guests are urged to leave an honest review with feedback to assist hosts in improving for future guests.

Holding Hosts Accountable

1. Enforcement:

  • HostRooster is committed to enforcing these ground rules.

2. Actions Taken:

  • Actions taken may include warnings, information dissemination, suspension, or removal of hosts or their listings based on the severity or repetition of violations.

Appealing Violations

1. Appeals Process:

  • Hosts may appeal decisions by contacting customer support or through the provided link to start the appeals process.

2. Consideration of Appeals:

  • Appeals will be considered based on additional details provided by the host, taking into account new or corrected information, violations of policies, or other relevant circumstances related to the violation(s).

By adhering to these ground rules, you contribute to the overall positive hosting experience within the HostRooster community. We appreciate your commitment to providing comfortable and reliable stays for our guests. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our customer support. Happy hosting!

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