HostRooster Affiliate Program Policy

Why Join the HostRooster Affiliate Program?

In 2021, the Airbnb affiliate program closed its doors, leaving travel affiliates searching for new opportunities. One platform emerged as a prominent alternative – HostRooster. While it shares a similar concept with Airbnb, HostRooster offers a unique opportunity. With a comparable model but lower brand recognition, there’s an excellent chance to establish trust by sharing your firsthand experience with HostRooster. Being an end user yourself can provide valuable insights on how to effectively and genuinely promote this affiliate program. If needed, you can even test it against other platforms to maximize your earnings.

About HostRooster’s Affiliate Program

HostRooster proudly presents its affiliate program, operating within the Hotel and Travel niches. As an affiliate, you can earn a competitive 2.5% commission for completed bookings. Our affiliate program is designed for avid HostRooster hosts and guests, offering an additional income stream through referrals. Here are the details:

Two Earning Options:

1. 2.5% Commission per Traveler Referral:

  • As an affiliate, you can earn up to a 2.5% commission for every guest you refer who completes a HostRooster booking.
  • This commission is granted as a reward for driving more traffic that leads to conversions.
  • Please note that if a host includes a security deposit, the 2.5% commission applies to the booking subtotal, excluding the security deposit.

2. 50% Recurring Commission for Each Pricing Plan Referral:

  • Affiliates can earn up to a remarkable 50% recurring commission for each host they refer who purchases a HostRooster pricing plan.
  • The 50% commission is applied after deducting the host’s credit card transaction fees from the pricing plan amount.
  • The cookie life for tracking referrals is set at a generous 30 days.

HostRooster Affiliate Program Highlights

  • Global Reach: We operate in over 100 countries, providing a vast potential audience for affiliates.
  • Competitive Commission: HostRooster offers a 2.5% commission rate, surpassing many competitors that typically offer between 1% and 2%.
  • Average Booking Price: Our platform boasts an average booking price of £2,570, making it an attractive choice for affiliates.
  • Versatile Offerings: HostRooster connects users to accommodations and experiences, including unique spaces, hotels, apartments, villas, bars, restaurants, and more, ensuring broad appeal.
  • User-Friendly: Our platform offers comprehensive property descriptions, high-quality photos, and 24/7 customer support for a seamless user experience.
  • Flexible Traffic Sources: HostRooster accepts traffic from various sources, including websites, blogs, social networks, and YouTube channels.

Benefits of the HostRooster Affiliate Program

The HostRooster affiliate program is a premier hotel affiliate program, offering your audience access to a growing selection of accommodations and experiences. You’ll receive a generous reward for each completed booking. Similar to other affiliate programs, HostRooster pays commissions only for confirmed bookings, ensuring the quality of referrals.

If you’re seeking an alternative to the Airbnb affiliate program, HostRooster is an excellent choice. Its operation closely aligns with Airbnb’s model, catering to both traditional travel bloggers and site owners. With its high average sales and competitive commission rate, HostRooster presents an appealing opportunity to monetize a travel blog.

Join the HostRooster affiliate program today and offer your audience a convenient service for booking accommodations and experiences worldwide while earning income with one of the best affiliate programs in the world.

Commission Details

  • Commission Rate: 2.5% Commission on online approved booking requests.
  • Confirmation: Commissions are confirmed within 60 days after the guest’s check-out.
  • Please note that if a holding deposit is taken for an accommodation booking, the final commission will be adjusted following the refund of the deposit at the end of the booking.

To get started, register for the official HostRooster affiliate program at After registration, you’ll gain access to affiliate tools and detailed statistics by visiting the affiliate area.

For more information about HostRooster, visit our platform’s about us page.

Join us in offering accommodations and experiences to your audience and earn on every booking through the HostRooster affiliate program. We look forward to having you as part of our team!

HostRooster Affiliate Program Team

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