HostRooster Service Fees

Facilitating Seamless Operations: HostRooster’s Service Fee Policy

At HostRooster, ensuring a seamless experience and sustaining essential services like round-the-clock customer support is our priority. Therefore, upon confirming a booking, a service fee is applied.

Our service fee structure comprises two models: the Split Fee and the Host-Only Fee.

1. Split Fee Structure: This widely used model divides the fee between the Host and the guest.

Host Fee:

  • Most Hosts pay a 5% fee.
  • Calculated from the booking subtotal (nightly rate + cleaning fee + additional guest fee, if applicable – excluding HostRooster fees and taxes).
  • Automatically deducted from the Host’s payout.

Service Fee:

  • The service fee is 15%.
  • If a listing price is $100, the system will calculate an additional 15% and the final price will be $115.  We rely on fees to help HostRooster run smoothly and cover the costs of products and services that help you share your space, including:
    • Customer Support
    • Marketing to guests via Google, social media, and more
    • Educational resources for Hosts

VAT Considerations:

  • VAT may be applied to the mentioned fees based on local laws.
  • Service fee includes VAT where relevant.

Please note, that we retain the right to modify our service fees, offering you prior notice of any changes before they take effect. These changes won’t impact bookings made prior to the new fee’s effective date.



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