Rebooking and Refund Policy

Effective Date: 22 Aug 2023

HostRooster’s Rebooking and Refund Policy outlines how we assist with rebooking reservations and handle refunds in cases of Host cancellations or Travel Issues that disrupt a stay. This policy applies to both accommodation and Experience reservations made on or after the Effective Date.

Host Cancellations before Check-In: If a Host cancels a reservation before check-in, the guest will receive an automatic full refund. If the cancellation occurs within 30 days of check-in and the guest contacts us, we will also help the guest find comparable or superior accommodations.

Travel Issues Disrupting a Stay: Other Travel Issues must be reported to us within 72 hours of discovery. If a Travel Issue is confirmed, we may offer a full or partial refund and, depending on the circumstances, assist the guest in finding alternative accommodations. The refund amount depends on factors like the severity of the issue, its impact on the guest, the affected portion of the stay, and whether the guest vacates the accommodations due to the issue. If the guest decides to leave due to a Travel Issue, we’ll aid in finding similar or better accommodations for the remaining stay nights, if possible.

Covered Travel Issues: “Travel Issue” refers to the following situations:

  1. Host cancels the reservation before check-in.
  2. Host fails to provide access to accommodations.
  3. Listing inaccuracies, including presence of hosts, pets, or inaccuracies in accommodation details.
  4. Accommodations not habitable at check-in due to cleanliness, safety hazards, pests, or other reasons.
  5. Material inaccuracies in the listing description, amenities, or features.

Claim Process: Guests can submit a claim by contacting us within 72 hours of discovering the Travel Issue. Claims should be supported by relevant evidence such as photographs or Host confirmation. We evaluate evidence to determine if a Travel Issue occurred. Contact us

Impact on Hosts: Host payouts may be reduced or voided based on the refund provided to guests due to cancellations or Travel Issues.

Important Notes:

  • This Policy supersedes reservation and host cancellation policies when it applies.
  • Guests should attempt to resolve Travel Issues with Hosts before submitting a claim.
  • Our decisions under this Policy are binding and do not affect other rights.
  • Fraudulent claims violate our Terms of Service and may lead to account termination.
  • This Policy does not cover Travel Issues caused by guests, co-travelers, invitees, or pets.
  • Changes to this Policy will follow our Terms of Service.

For any inquiries or clarifications, please contact us.



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