Nondiscrimination policy

Empowering Diversity and Inclusion: HostRooster’s Nondiscrimination Commitment

Last updated: August 22, 2023

HostRooster thrives as an open community fostering enriching, shared encounters between individuals from every corner of the world. With a vast and diverse global community, HostRooster unites people of varying cultures, values, and traditions. Guided by our foundational principles of inclusion and respect, we ensure that everyone, regardless of their origins or beliefs, feels welcome and esteemed.

Foundations of Inclusivity: Inclusion: All members joining HostRooster, be it as hosts or guests, embrace a community of openness and hospitality. We reject all forms of bias, racism, prejudice, and hatred within our platform. Respect: While we acknowledge global variations in local laws and customs, we encourage hosts and guests to engage respectfully, even amid differing perspectives. Our community encompasses diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and customs, fostering mutual appreciation and understanding.

Guidance for Hosts within the United States, European Union, and Canada: Hosts are required to understand federal, state, and local housing laws and respect the civil rights protections within their jurisdictions. Hosts must align with these laws and reach out to HostRooster’s customer service for any inquiries regarding compliance with our Nondiscrimination Policy. This policy may be modified in accordance with regional legal requirements.

Nondiscrimination in Hosting: Core Guidelines: Hosts must not:

  • Reject bookings based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.
  • Impose unequal terms based on the aforementioned factors.
  • Publish listings that discourage or favor guests on account of the mentioned factors.

Gender Identity Respect: Hosts must:

  • Not decline bookings solely based on gender identity if shared living spaces (e.g., bathroom, kitchen) are involved.
  • Not apply different terms based on gender unless shared living spaces are a factor.
  • Avoid publishing listings that express biases related to gender, except in shared living space scenarios.

Age and Familial Status: Hosts are prohibited from:

  • Imposing terms, conditions, or rejections based on guests’ age or familial status where prohibited by law. Hosts may:
  • Provide factual information about features making listings unsuitable for certain age groups or families.
  • Specify relevant community regulations in their listings.

Disability Inclusion: Hosts must:

  • Never reject guests based on actual or perceived disabilities.
  • Not apply differing terms based on disability.
  • Not substitute their judgment for the guest’s needs. Hosts may:
  • Communicate openly with guests regarding disability-related needs and potential accommodations.
  • Never discriminate against guests with disabilities, including higher fees.

Personal Preferences: Hosts may decline bookings based on factors not prohibited by law, such as pets or smoking preferences.

Reporting and Enforcement: Ensuring Fairness Reports on policy violations can be submitted to HostRooster. Violating content will be removed, and serious violations can lead to suspension.

As HostRooster evolves, our aim remains unwavering: to foster a community of respect and welcome. Through continued adherence to these principles, we strive to create a vibrant environment where diverse experiences harmonize, contributing to the enrichment of our shared journey.

Additional Considerations for Varied Offerings: This policy extends to all facets of HostRooster. We also address specific scenarios, such as Experiences, where gender exemptions and accessibility considerations may apply.



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