Insurance Policy for HostRooster

Insurance Policy for HostRooster

Effective Date: 27 August 2023

1. Introduction

HostRooster, Ltd. (“HostRooster”) operates as a platform that facilitates connections between hosts (“Hosts”) and guests (“Guests”) for various accommodation and rental services. This policy outlines HostRooster’s stance on insurance coverage for damages caused to properties listed on the platform.

2. Insurance Coverage

HostRooster does not provide insurance coverage for damage caused to properties listed on its platform by Guests. It is the responsibility of Hosts and Guests to make arrangements for appropriate insurance coverage as needed.

3. Security Deposit

3.1 Host-Requested Security Deposits: Hosts have the option to request a security deposit as part of their listing. If a security deposit is requested by the Host, it will be collected and held by HostRooster.

3.2 Claims and Determination: In the event of a claim related to damages, both the Host and Guest must provide all available evidence to support their positions. HostRooster will evaluate the evidence submitted by both parties to determine liability.

3.3 Security Deposit Disbursement: If HostRooster determines that the Guest is liable for damages based on the evidence provided, the security deposit will be disbursed to the Host. This determination by HostRooster will be final.

4. Limitations of Security Deposit

4.1 Coverage Limit: The security deposit held by HostRooster may not cover all damages incurred to the property. Hosts should be aware that the security deposit amount may not fully compensate for all incurred costs.

5. Further Remedies

5.1 Additional Remedies: If the security deposit does not cover the full extent of damages, the Host retains the right to pursue further remedies through their own insurance policies, legal actions, or any other applicable means.

6. Disclaimer

6.1 Limited Liability: HostRooster’s involvement is limited to determining the distribution of the security deposit based on the evidence provided by both the Host and Guest. HostRooster is not responsible for any disputes or claims beyond this determination.

7. Modifications

7.1 Changes to the Policy: HostRooster reserves the right to modify or amend this policy at any time. Any changes will be communicated through appropriate channels.

8. Acceptance

8.1 Agreement: By using the HostRooster platform, both Hosts and Guests agree to abide by this insurance policy.

Please note that this policy is provided as a general guideline and should be reviewed by legal professionals to ensure it aligns with the specific legal and regulatory requirements in your jurisdiction.



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