HostRooster Privacy Standards

HostRooster Privacy Standards

Handling Guest Personal Information

As a Host on HostRooster, you will have access to and utilize Guests’ personal information to manage reservations and provide your Host Service. It’s important to ensure compliance with relevant privacy laws while handling and processing personal data. Use the personal information received through the HostRooster Platform only for reservation management, legal obligations, and delivering your Host Service. You should not encourage or require Guests to interact with third-party websites, applications, or services unless approved by HostRooster or necessary to fulfill the requested service.

Cross-Border Data Transfers

If you receive personal information from the European Economic Area, Switzerland, or the UK as part of your Host Services and the transfer isn’t covered by an adequacy decision under GDPR Article 45, you agree to process this personal data in accordance with the obligations outlined in the standard contractual clauses (Clauses) from European Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2021/914 of June 4, 2021. These Clauses are incorporated into your agreement with HostRooster.

Standard Contractual Clauses

Here’s the information to complete the Clauses:

  • Clause 7 (docking clause) option does not apply.
  • Clause 11 (redress) option does not apply.
  • Clause 17 (governing law) is governed by Irish law.
  • Clause 18 (choice of forum and jurisdiction) designates the courts in Ireland.
  • Complete the Appendix to the Clauses as follows:

For Annex I.A of the Clauses:

  • You are the “data importer.”
  • Data exporter is HostRooster Global Services Limited for Japan, HostRooster Plataforma Digital Ltda for Brazil (after April 1, 2022), or HostRooster Ireland UC for other locations.
  • Contact our data protection officer for inquiries via the Contact Us section.
  • Your profile email may be used for communication.

For Annex I.B of the Clauses:

  • Data subjects are Guests.
  • Purpose of transfer is for providing the Host Service.
  • Data categories may include Guest profiles, names of additional Guests, cancellation history, phone numbers, shared information, and trip coordination messages.
  • Recipients are service providers aiding in providing Host Services.
  • No sensitive data is transferred.
  • Transfer frequency depends on your listing reservations.
  • Data retention aligns with reservation management and legal compliance.

For Annex I.C of the Clauses:

  • “The Irish Data Protection Commission is the competent supervisory authority in accordance with Clause 13.”

For Annex II of the Clauses:

  • Implement appropriate security measures to ensure data protection.
  • This includes encryption, system resilience, data restoration, and regular security evaluations.

By adhering to these HostRooster Privacy Standards, you are contributing to maintaining a secure and respectful environment for both Guests and Hosts on our platform.



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