HostRooster Community Respect Policy

At HostRooster, we prioritize the harmonious coexistence between our users and local communities. This commitment entails showing respect for neighbors by avoiding disruptive parties, events, noise, or any actions that disturb the community. This policy outlines our stance on prohibiting disruptive gatherings and community disturbances during listing stays and Experiences.

Parties and Events We strictly prohibit disruptive gatherings, irrespective of their size.

Prohibited Actions:

  • Disruptive gatherings
  • Open-invite gatherings
  • Actions causing disturbances in the neighborhood, such as:
    • Excessive noise
    • Overwhelming visitors
    • Unwarranted trash/littering
    • Smoking disruptions
    • Parking inconveniences
    • Trespassing
    • Vandalism
  • Advertising listings as party or event-friendly
  • Unauthorized party intervention

Promoting Safe Travel Our dedication to safe and responsible travel includes minimizing unauthorized parties at HostRooster listings. To accomplish this, we take measures, which might involve blocking reservations that pose a higher risk for unauthorized parties.

Policy Violations Consequences: We encourage our community to collaborate in preventing community disturbances and disruptive gatherings. If a user, be it a guest or a Host, fails to adhere to our policies, HostRooster reserves the right to take actions ranging from suspensions to removals from our platform.

For listings advertised as party or event-friendly, we may suspend the listing until the violating content is rectified. Hosts may be prompted to update their listings with a rule explicitly stating the prohibition of parties and events. In cases of excessive occupancy settings, we may require the Host to adjust occupancy limits to mitigate disruptive gathering risks.

In exceptional instances, if a listing predominantly functions as a party or event venue, or if it causes severe or persistent neighborhood disruptions, HostRooster may permanently remove the listing.

Reporting Disturbances: When a HostRooster listing or Experience triggers a community disturbance—whether through excessive noise, disruptive gatherings, or unsafe behavior—local community members can report it through our dedicated support team. This provides access to a hotline for the support team, allowing real-time reporting of ongoing parties or disturbances. Once reported, a confirmation email will detail the subsequent steps. We also recommend contacting the local emergency services for prompt action.

By upholding this policy, HostRooster strives to ensure a respectful and peaceful coexistence between our community and the neighborhoods we operate in.



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