HostRooster trademark policy

The HostRooster trademark, including the name and logo, is the property of HostRooster Ltd, the company that runs and The trademark has been registered under No. UK00003854900 effective as of the date 01/12/2022 and has been entered in the register on 24/02/2023.

HostRooster Ltd takes the protection of its trademark seriously and will take all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized use of the HostRooster name and logo. Any use of the HostRooster trademark, including any variation of the name or logo, without the express permission of HostRooster Ltd is strictly prohibited.

This policy applies worldwide and is intended to protect the integrity of the HostRooster brand. HostRooster Ltd reserves the right to take legal action against any party that uses the HostRooster trademark without permission or in a way that is deemed inappropriate or damaging to the HostRooster brand.

We thank you for your cooperation in respecting the HostRooster trademark and helping us maintain the integrity of our brand.

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