Job Description for Freelance Sales Persons on HostRooster

Maximizing safety and avoiding potential misuse

“Maximizing safety and avoiding potential misuse is of utmost importance when offering Services on HostRooster. As a Service provider, it is your responsibility to ensure that your Services are used appropriately by buyers. To ensure your protection and safeguard your business, follow these best practices:

  1. Ask questions – Asking buyers about the intended use of your Services will provide the necessary context to meet their needs and prevent any potential misuse. Ensure that you are comfortable with the buyer’s intended end product and request clarification if needed.
  2. Keep transactions on HostRooster – Conducting transactions outside of the HostRooster platform puts you at risk of fraud and violates our Terms of Service. We can only protect you while you conduct business on the HostRooster platform.
  3. Be transparent – Your user profile should clearly reflect who you are and the type of Services you offer. This promotes transparency and sets the stage for a successful partnership with buyers.
  4. Work with customer support – Our Customer Support Team is always available to assist you with any concerns, questions, or bad feelings you may have. If you suspect that your Services may be illegitimate, reach out to our Support Team for guidance.

By adhering to these best practices, you can ensure not only your own safety but also the protection of the entire HostRooster community. With our commitment to maintaining a secure marketplace, you can conduct business with peace of mind.”

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