Academic Services on HostRooster - The Ins and Outs

Academic Services on HostRooster – The Ins and Outs

HostRooster is a thriving platform that enables sellers to showcase their diverse range of skills and services to buyers. However, it’s imperative to understand that not all services are permitted on the platform. Academic work or homework falls under this category and it’s crucial for sellers to be aware of the regulations and guidelines that prohibit such services. This article serves as a guide to help you distinguish what constitutes as academic work and provides useful resources on how to handle any such requests from buyers.

The Ins

  • Always reach out to HostRooster’s Customer Support if you receive any request for academic services.
  • Inform the buyer that offering such services on the platform is strictly prohibited.
  • Offer the buyer an alternative solution, such as online tutoring for a specific subject or proofreading services for completed work.

The Outs

  • Do not offer services related to academic work, including but not limited to: Homework Academic papers Bibliographies
  • Avoid providing services that aid in academic institution applications, including but not limited to: Completing college applications
  • Writing letters of recommendation It’s important to abide by these guidelines as offering academic services could result in disabling your HostRooster account. So, let’s ensure that our Services align with the platform’s policies and principles.
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