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’s Print-on-demand (POD) ethos might just be one of the keys to an environmentally friendly industry.

We know sustainability is not a new concept but to be told until recently there were not too many people voicing their care for it. Now things are different.

The future generations are in our hands and it is our responsibility to make a move towards this ongoing situation.

The biggest advantage Societal has over big fashion retailers is that our on-demand produces less waste.

Traditional shopping chains produce items to sell, so they’re always manufactured in bulk to save money. Meanwhile, Societal only prints a product when a customer places an order for it, creating items that already have a known buyer.

This lets us avoid overproduction—excess items that don’t get sold and have to be thrown out or burned, which most retail giants do. With 92 million tons of textile going to waste in the fashion industry each year, Societal’s Print-on-demand (POD) ethos might just be one of the keys to an environmentally friendly fashion industry if others catch on.

Societals (POD) partner donates returned items to local charities and offers damaged apparel to animal shelters who can use them for their needs.

The products we print on and where we source them also matter. That’s why our (POD’s) team of merchandisers is constantly working on adding new items to our product catalog, and one of their 2020 goals is to diversify organic and eco-friendly products.

Adding sustainable products means finding sustainable suppliers. One of our (POD) long-term partners is Bella and Canvas, a clothing manufacturer with care for the embedded in their brand identity. Bella + Canvas uses solar energy, limits water use, and recycles waste by-products to make sure their products can sport the eco-friendly tag.

What’s more, we only buy the products we need to fulfill our customer orders. Ordering stock only when we need it goes hand in hand with the idea that products only get printed when an order is placed.

Our partners facilities

Our POD partners facilities in North and Europe are based close to where our customers are. This means we can ship products faster and cut the shipping distances, resulting in less air and water pollution.

They recycle (paper, cardboard, plastic, and batteries), and use energy-efficient LED lights in there offices and fulfillment centers, and are always looking for new ways to save energy.

Their also making internal process more efficient across all fulfillment centers. Limiting the use of plastic for single item DTG shipments has already allowed them to avoid using 1.55 US tons of plastic. Another goal is to reduce the amount of fabric scraps left when producing our cut & sew products.

While there are still issues to address, POD is gradually becoming a less wasteful and more sustainable alternative to the traditional bulk manufacturing and selling model. And that’s good news for Societal.

Support Societal a more business as there is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness.

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