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Most problems with RDP connections can be resolved using one of the following methods:

Read carefully the instructions for connecting to a Windows server.

Check if an extra character was copied before or after the password (for example, a space – its presence is difficult to notice).

Look through the control panel to see if the required server is enabled.

Make sure that the domain is not specified in the connection settings.

If the computer is connected to a corporate network, check that port 3389 is not blocked (it is often blocked by corporate network administrators).

For more severe cases, when the previous methods do not work, you need to go to Start and write “cmd” in the Run line – the command line will open. In it write “ping <server name to connect>”:

  • The answer is “Reply from IP address: bytes=xx time=xms TTL=xxx” – try again to follow the methods described earlier;
  • Response “Request timeout exceeded” – contact your local provider, the cause of the error was the lack of network access.

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