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  • What is an email alias?

    What is an email alias?

    An alias hides your Microsoft 365 email address. All alias emails go to your primary inbox. Aliases can diversify a single email account without costing extra. One email account can have 400 aliases. Will I still be able to receive emails in my inbox that are addressed to the alias I use? No, all alias […]

  • What is webmail?

    What is webmail?

    Webmail lets you send and receive emails via a web browser. Webmail lets you access your email from any device. Emails are saved on the servers of webmail, internet service, or hosting providers like Gmail, Comcast, or HostRooster. You access webmail through your provider’s servers. Send and receive messages from any internet-connected device. Sign in […]

  • What is .htaccess?

    What is .htaccess?

    You may modify the behavior of your entire website or just a certain directory on your website by using files with the.htaccess extension. For instance, if you put a file with the extension.htaccess in your site’s root directory, it will have an effect on the entirety of your website ( If you put it in […]

  • In the cPanel hosting account that I have, what is the absolute path?

    In the cPanel hosting account that I have, what is the absolute path?

    The following is the definitive hosting path for your account with Linux Hosting: /home/username/public_html/ where username is the username associated with your hosting account.

  • Set up my Linux Hosting account

    Set up my Linux Hosting account

    Before hosting your website on a Linux Hosting plan, you must set it up. A domain’s DNS records might change during account setup, which means that functioning websites and email addresses may no longer function. On our Contact Us page, click Chat Now to speak with a HostRooster Guide 24/7 for assistance Next steps

  • What is a favicon?

    What is a favicon?

    Your website’s favicon (short for “favorites icon”) is the little symbol shown in a browser tab. In most browsers, favicons will also show up next to your bookmarks. There are times when a website just needs a touch more polish to really stand out. Find the solution to your problem by clicking on the question […]

  • My website isn’t displaying

    My website isn’t displaying

    If your website isn’t showing up, it might be for a number of reasons, none of which are good. It’s worth double-checking the following.  Note: Troubleshooting WordPress is the best place to start if you’re having problems with a WordPress website. Verify that your domain’s billing is current and that it has not New domains and websites […]

  • What is a website backup?

    What is a website backup?

    Taking a website backup is like taking a picture of your website and all its vital parts at one point in time. All the following parts of your website should be backed up regularly: As part of your website’s preventative maintenance, you should create frequent backups. The last thing you want is to lose access […]

  • What is Website Backup?

    What is Website Backup?

    By using FTP or SFTP, you may back up your website and its associated databases to the cloud safely using Website Backup. During the backup process, we check your data for malicious software and save only the clean copies. As soon as you create your account, automatic backups will begin. After the initial backup, we […]

  • What is Website Security?

    What is Website Security?

    Website security is a service that prevents and fixes vulnerabilities in your online infrastructure. Your website’s performance and availability may be enhanced with a Content Delivery Network (CDN), and you can rest assured that your data is always safe with automated, encrypted backups. Website Security performs scans to identify vulnerabilities in your website’s security, including […]

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