Don’t Panic Exercise faith?

Last week I had a prayer request from a woman who thought she was losing her baby. She pressed her hands on her stomach, but nothing. she tried moving around, drinking something cold, but nothing. Her unborn child had either been quiet for quite a while, or something was wrong. She had two choices. panic […]


9 Things your Kids Need (But won’t Tell You)

Parenting is hugely important. Strong families are the backbone of strong societies and cultures. Without strong parents building strong children, cultures become paralyzed and stagnant.

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Stunning Photos of Babies in Womb Expose Pro-Abortionists lie About Human Development

Having conceived a baby without ‘planning’ as the world says it-it’s an excuse woman impose to get rid of the baby in their womb for reasons better known to them-as convenience. However, while Planned Parenthood and other leftist organizations have tried to persuade women that their babies are just a group of cells, a lot of research has continued to prove otherwise.