Press Release: Godinterest design services to the public.

Godinterest, a Christian lifestyle clothing company, is excited to announce the launch of its design services to the public. Godinterest is dedicated to proclaiming Christ through edgy, contemporary designs made of high-quality soft fabrics. With the launch of these services, customers can now sign up on HostRooster to have a custom Christian t-shirt designed by […]

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It’s Time To Grow Up 

God’s intervention can feel poorly timed, perhaps even prickly, sharp, and uncomfortable. But convenience is not something we should expect from God.   God may not operate on our time frame, but He is always on time. Any attempt to schedule growth or to wait until life isn’t so busy, to wait until the children are […]

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When Plans Fail 

What do you do when your plans fall apart? Where do you turn? Who do you run to for answers?   In my life, I’ve had many plans fail. What about you? Have you ever had your plans fail? Have you ever made plans and had them changed on you at the last second? Have you […]

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Blessed Are the Peacemakers

How To Make Most Of The New Year

Many people give advice on how to make the most of the New Year. They may suggest a new diet, a new exercise routine, new learning programs, new money management, or new relationships, but there is something else we should consider. Something that includes all those areas of our lives and more. God’s word! Read […]

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Scars: A testimony of a lost soul

I’m all alone in this world. I don’t know what I am doing. I always make bad choices. People say I’m ugly. My face is long, and my nose is big. So is my butt. I’ll never finish school. I can’t afford cute clothes. I had an abortion. I don’t deserve to live. My kids […]

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5 Christian Living Tips That Can Change Your Life

Christians face many challenges in their daily life, and the decisions made at their core are often the cause of many problems and hardships. The decisions that most affect the Christian are the ones to sin and live a life of sin, or to follow Jesus and live a life of obedience. The Christian life […]

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Time To Change Your Mind 

When was the last time you changed your mind? Maybe it was when you changed your outfit a couple of times this morning. Maybe it was changing your mind on your mail just after the waitress took your order. Maybe it was changing your mind about the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a friend. […]

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Landing in Tanzania has given me a chance to reflect on my spiritual direction. Direction, “a purpose or orientation toward a goal that serves to guide or motivate,” has an inevitable flow in our lives. In consideration of our daily direction, the above verse from Romans aligns our internal compass with the One who breathes […]

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Spiritual Boldness

In the last few years, it seems there has been constant brutal violence and restlessness all over the world and it’s increasing before our eyes and on social media. So much hatred, strife, and division in our land, stone-cold and bitter hearts toward anyone who may look different from us or think differently.  Most definitely, […]

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How to Love the Sinner & Hate the Sin

We Are All Sinners

Why do we need Christ? We need Christ because we are sinners. That isn’t confined to the small “easy to fix” sins. That applies to ALL sins. We put so much pressure on ourselves, but the truth is that we need Christ. We need him because we absolutely cannot live the way we are called […]

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Victory In Christ

Be Brave Like Christ 

The enemy is behind most of our fears. He loves to instil fear into us so we will stay stuck, unable to move forward in the promises God has for us. The devil doesn’t want us to live out our God-given calling. For our enemy roams the earth, “prowling around like a roaring lion just […]

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Understanding the role of a Christian life coach

For many people, the work of a counselor or a therapist is similar to that of a life coach, and they wouldn’t be far wrong. There are many areas of overlap, both in terms of the methods of helping clients and the type of problems they deal with. However, whilst there are many similarities, there […]

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“I Was Calling God a Liar": Can You Love Jesus & Be Angry?

Living With Liars? ?

Today’s Psalm is about living amid relentless trouble and lies. It begins with distress and ends with war, anxiety, and pain. This psalm is a psalm used by ancient Israelites travelling to Jerusalem for a temple festival. These pilgrims’ journeys were long and difficult, and yet they undertook them gladly. They wanted to take this […]

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Are You A Witness Or A Spectator?

In court, witnesses are more than just spectators. They are active participants who help determine the outcome of a case. The same is true of the Christian’s witness of Christ. We are to be active participants in a matter of absolute importance— sharing the truth of Christ life, death, and resurrection.  John the Baptist was […]

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A New Creation

As a born again child of God, you are a new creation. You have a new spirit and a new life! There may be “old” things in your life that you are trying to get rid of. Maybe you have old habits or addictions that you need to change. Remember today that the new has come. It’s a new season with fresh opportunities, and it’s […]

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Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

What Makes God Perfect

I use to wonder what about God makes Him perfect. God is love. His love for us is perfect. There is nothing you can do right now to make God love you any more, and there’s nothing you can do to make Him love you any less. His love toward you is steadfast and consistent; […]

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