When The New Year Doesn’t Feel Like The Start Of Anything

Something New

Everybody loves something new, from shoes to smartphones. Today’s verse says God is doing something new with you right now. Can you see the “brand-new thing” God is doing in your life? Sometimes it’s easy to see the hand of God moving, and sometimes the storms of life can cloud our vision. But no matter […]

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The World Needs Prayer

With gun and knife crime high, with kids as young as 8 carrying drugs across the country, things are out of control right now. Our country, and across the entire world, are experiencing wide-spread devastation like never before seen in history. Some places are too hot, others too cold. Floods, diseases, and brokenness seems to be […]

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What Do you need from God today? Finances? Good health? Restoration? Deliverance? God has promised all of these things to you in His Word, because it’s His desire for you to live abundantly. If you follow the will of God by obeying His Word and precepts, it opens the door for His promises to be […]

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Remove Yourself

If the pressure keeps coming and coming and you’re getting weaker and weaker—quit standing in front of the bakery window. Remove yourself. It’s as simple as that. We sit and struggle, asking, ‘What should I do?’ Get up and walk away. Get out of the car. Go home. Don’t go out with that person anymore. […]

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Renewal, Of People Of God - Knowing Jesus

It’s A New Season!

Last Monday was officially the beginning of summer and a change of season. Today God wants to take you into a new season – from a season of drought into a season of abundance. Are you going through a situation that seems beyond your control? I want to encourage you today that even though you we […]

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God Will Rescue You

While in Malawi I came face to face with a lion – albeit a blind one. Most people won’t ever literally come face to face with a hungry lion, but we’ve all been in situations where we feel like we are about to be destroyed. In the Bible we are told Daniel lived a life […]

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End of Year Prayer for Your Finances

Praise Prepares The Way For Victory

When hard times come your way what do you focus on? We can learn so much from the apostle Paul. He was deliriously happy and joyful because of what Christ had done in his life. Even when he was chained and shackled in a dark prison because of his faith, Paul praised God, and counted […]

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Can God Be Trusted?

Father I Trust You With My Life

With many of our youth today growing up without a father-figure in their lives, it becomes hard for them to trust God and love God. Unlike David, who despite lives challenges, he chose to put his life in the hands of the Lord. In Psalms 31:15, He says, “I trust You, God, because I know […]

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Tears, shedding tears

God Help Me I’m In A Dark Place

Does something you need seem impossible? With man it may be, but we serve the all-powerful God, and He can create something out of nothing! He can make a way when there seems to be no way, and open doors that seem closed forever! The Bible says, “in the beginning, God created the heavens and […]

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I Will Be With You In The Storm

Storms in life are real and unexpected. Maybe a loved one let you down. Maybe you’ve lost your job.  Maybe a colleague stabbed you in the back. Maybe you’ve had a terminal health diagnosis. Sometimes it can feel like a raging river of emotion inside, God promises that He is with you. He won’t let you […]

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Victory, Not Just Today, But Always

A Brighter Day

Yesterday was a dark day as I laid my aunty to rest. Are you facing a situation that seems dark? Maybe you can’t quite see what’s going to happen in the future, or with your family, or finances. As a believer it won’t be long, for God promises that your path will shine brighter and […]

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Bitterness Will Hinder Your Prayers

When you look around at the state of our world, church and community, it’s easy to become bitter. Bitterness is an extremely destructive force. It seeps into the depths of your heart when you choose not to forgive someone. When you hold on to unforgiveness, it closes the door to God’s power working in your […]

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Get A Vision

Looking at the world’s current situation, it’s hard to believe at times that God desires that you be blessed and prosperous. But it’s true, He wants you to have so much peace, joy and victory that it spills over onto those around you. He desires that you be so blessed that you can turn around […]

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Prayer for the New Year

Dreams & Desires

Three weeks into the new year, are you frustrated because a dream or a goal isn’t happening the way you thought it would? Be passionate about your dreams, but don’t let it become an idol. If that’s all you think about and you’re not going to be happy unless it happens, then that’s out of […]

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How Can You Trust Christianity Is True When There Are So Many Unanswered Questions?

Trust In Your God

During these times it’s easy to get discouraged with so many things going wrong. Maybe covid is in your family. Maybe you aren’t getting out of debt as fast as you thought. Or, you’re experiencing some challenges in your health or relationships. We have to be careful not to give up just because it hasn’t […]

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The Holy Weak

In Your Weakness

Growing up, I used to believe that weakness was as a result of continued sinning in one’s life. Sometimes, people get distracted by what they consider to be a disadvantage or weakness. It may be something about their personality or looks, maybe they’ve been through an unfair situation: a divorce, loss of a job, or […]

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