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Good Gifts 

God is a good God and He has good gifts for His children! He wants to bless you with provision and supply all your needs according to His riches in glory. He wants to pour out His abundant favour on you and cause everything you touch to prosper. He wants to bless you with spiritual […]

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Seek God presence your Life

We live in a world of uncertainty and unpredictability. Life can be full of disappointments and sorrow, but knowing Jesus provides us much more than a life free of suffering. If you’ve accepted His offer of eternal life, you know that He is with you no matter what life brings. Because of His great love, […]

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Seek God’s Purpose

God has a purpose and plan for each of our lives. The greatest thing we can do is to find that purpose and live it out. We can trust his purpose in us because it is based on his wisdom and love. If we seek His will, we’re not going to do anything that can […]

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The Tree of Life

Live Like A Tree

Living in California I saw all kinds of trees. Large trees represent power, majesty, and stability. I also noticed the difference between a tree planted by the water and a tree far away from water? The tree next to the water was much healthier and more vibrant. Its fruit and blossoms were the most beautiful. […]

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Understanding the role of a Christian life coach

For many people, the work of a counselor or a therapist is similar to that of a life coach, and they wouldn’t be far wrong. There are many areas of overlap, both in terms of the methods of helping clients and the type of problems they deal with. However, whilst there are many similarities, there […]

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Seek God Until

What are you seeking God for? Does it seem like it’s taking a long time to come to pass? Please be encouraged, because the Scripture says that through faith and patience, you will inherit His promises! If you’ll stay in faith, if you’ll keep on seeking Him, it won’t be long until you see that […]

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Trials Are Momentary

Aren’t you glad that Scripture promises that our troubles and trial are only momentary? When compared with eternity, our troubles won’t last long, they are not eternal! The second part of today’s verse tells us, that when we stand strong in faith during times of adversity, we are building faith, which achieves eternal glory, which will always outlast […]

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When The New Year Doesn’t Feel Like The Start Of Anything

Something New

Everybody loves something new, from shoes to smartphones. Today’s verse says God is doing something new with you right now. Can you see the “brand-new thing” God is doing in your life? Sometimes it’s easy to see the hand of God moving, and sometimes the storms of life can cloud our vision. But no matter […]

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God Sees You

God’s Love

I’m always disheartened, bewildered and even confused by the way we use the word “love,” prompting the question “what is love?” We love food, movies, clothes and sports, but we also love our family or spouse. In the Word of God, we see God’s true definition of love. First Corinthians 13 tells us that “love […]

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I Want To Live

Today, I’ve noticed that people look sad and down. The Bible tells us that Jesus came to give us abundant life. Not only did He come to give you life in eternity, but He desires that you experience abundant life here on earth. He wants your relationships to be vibrant and alive. He wants your […]

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Road block

Have you ever felt like every time you try to move forward in something, you hit a roadblock, or something happens that throws you off course? Be encouraged today, because God has gone before you! You may not see it, but He is preparing a way for you. He’s making your crooked places straight. He’s […]

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He Holds All Things Together

Get Rid Of The Old

As I took a long hard look at my life, I realised that in order for me to get to the next level in my life and move into the next chapter in my life, I have to get rid of the old. Are you ready for a new chapter in your life? In order […]

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In The Day Of Trouble

When we seek God, when we serve Him with our whole hearts, He will hide us in His shelter. Hallelujah! You can be so connected to God that you are untouchable and invisible to the enemy! You are hidden in Him! No matter what is happening around you, you can have strength, confidence and rest.   […]

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God Doesn’t Make No Junk

Abide & Remain

Our lives are like roller coasters, we all have ups and downs. There are seasons that are more difficult than others, when our character is being developed and our faith in God is being tested. Sometimes it can feel like you are taking two steps forward and three steps backward. If we’re not careful, we’ll […]

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God's grace is His undeserved, unearned and unmerited favour

One Day At A Time

I always thought that grace was unmerited favour, but recently I’ve learned it’s also God’s supernatural empowerment on your life. Throughout Scripture, we see God giving daily grace, power, and provision to His people. When the people of Israel were in the wilderness headed toward the Promised Land, God gave them manna each morning to […]

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God Will Rescue You

While in Malawi I came face to face with a lion – albeit a blind one. Most people won’t ever literally come face to face with a hungry lion, but we’ve all been in situations where we feel like we are about to be destroyed. In the Bible we are told Daniel lived a life […]

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