My Anger and Need for Control Was Killing My Marriage (And My Faith)

Let Go Of Anger Before As You Sleep

Scripture reminds us that the Lord longs to pour out blessings on us even while we are sleeping! During these difficult times, many people struggle with sleeping at night. They stay awake or get poor sleep because they are constantly focused on their problems and worrying about tomorrow. But that’s not God’s plan! He wants […]

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Blessed Are the Peacemakers

How To Make Most Of The New Year

Many people give advice on how to make the most of the New Year. They may suggest a new diet, a new exercise routine, new learning programs, new money management, or new relationships, but there is something else we should consider. Something that includes all those areas of our lives and more. God’s word! Read […]

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Ujima / Collective Work and Responsibility: Team Work

Struggling Through The Holidays 

While the rest of the world around us becomes excited and enamoured with our culture’s celebration of the Christmas holidays, some of us struggle through the holiday season – overcome with clouds of depression, and battles with fear and dread. Fractured relationships, divorce, dysfunction, compromised finances, loss of loved ones, isolation, loneliness, and any number […]

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man carrying baby drawing their foreheads

Your Abba Father

God rejoices as your Abba Father. You are His child on the authority of His Word. He ordained you and brought you forth. “You brought me out of the womb; you made me trust in you even at my mother’s breast.” And “From birth I have relied on you…I will ever praise you.”  The Father wants to […]

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man wearing blue dress

Discipleship The Easy Yoke

When I was young, I thought a godly life meant avoiding things that others in town enjoyed freely. I was on the outside looking in as my youthful peers spoke of their first cigarette, drink, and engagements with girls. Their lives seemed carefree, and mine a burden.  As a teenager, I remember commenting that I […]

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four person riding aircraft

Is Your Life On Autopilot??

As we move swiftly through this year, It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and go into next year on autopilot. Doing the same things, with the same problems, the same struggles and on the same income. But, because God is such a dynamic God, He wants us to rise higher and continually grow […]

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man in black shirt and gray denim pants sitting on gray padded bench

Overcoming Offences 

Some of the definitions for the word Offence are the act of provoking, annoying, irritating or causing pain or injury. It is also the reaction the offence produces, like indignation, resentment, or anger, which can lead to a breach in relationships. When someone sins against you, your flesh rises and demands retribution. But the way […]

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Keeping Faith in God During Hard Times

Your Faith Will Meet Your Needs

Many people think that when they have a need, God will just automatically meet it. Though Christ definitely could, He is intentional with stating “According to your faith” it will be done, not “according to your demand” it will be done. This small distinction makes a big difference in how we interact with and understand […]

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Waiting is hard because we don’t know what the answer will be. Neither do we know when the answer will come. Our Christian walk of faith is often a journey of waiting and waiting, which we don’t always do with much patience, but I am learning.   We know that God has the answer and can […]

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Your Hurt For His Healing

When Someone Hurts You

When we harbour unforgiveness or negative feelings towards other people, it can overwhelm us. Picture someone you’re not too fond of. What did you think of them doing to you? Did you think of something bad about them/their actions? Did you immediately want to start telling everyone a story about how awful they are? If […]

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Fools Lose Control  

Whether it’s complaining about people queue-hogging at the supermarket or sounding off about someone behind their back, the Bible says this, ‘Fools vent their anger, but the wise quietly hold it back’ (Proverbs 29:11 NLT).   It’s okay to share your feelings with those you trust. But think wisely about whom you tell and what you […]

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When Your Church Fails You: A Message For the Disheartened

How to Soothe Your Anxious Heart (Pt 3)

Anxiety is not that simple because it is often misunderstood to be simply that a person is stressing too much. There is a distinct difference between the sin of anxiety (fear and worry of being caught in your sin) and the mental health disorder of anxiety that is characterized by physical changes in the brain. […]

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"Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name." ?

Speak Blessings

As we think about our purpose now and for the rest of the year, how we treat others and how we use our influence can bless or curse us, and the people around us. Have you thought about how the people in your life need your blessing? Especially our youth. Some need your approval. They […]

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Emotional Rest

How would you feel if someone came up to you today and said, “Give me all of your monthly bills; I’m going to pay them.” You’d get excited, wouldn’t you? But it wouldn’t happen until you did your part to hand that person your bills. They can’t pay them for you if you never release […]

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God Our Safe Place

Don’t ever doubt it. God works on behalf of those who love Him and honour His name. He is so good to us. We may never fully know, this side of heaven, how very much He has sheltered us from in this life.  We may not always see it, or feel it, we might forget […]

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