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Many Blessings

On the radio playlist the other day, the song ‘Count Your Blessings, Name Them One by One’ was included. I hadn’t heard this song for a very long time, and it gave me a chance to really appreciate the lyrics. They say :  Are you ever burdened with a load of care?  Does the cross […]

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Just To Be Close To You

One thing I desire is to be counted among those who intentionally draw near to Jesus. Near to the One who saves us, loves us, and pours immeasurable grace and mercy into our lives; the One who leads and guides us, strengthens us, and never leaves us.  In the bible, we are reminded of folk […]

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God Calls Me Friend 

Did you know that the all-Knowing, all-Powerful Creator of the universe wants to be your friend today? He wants to walk with you, talk with you and simply share life with you. That’s why He created you, for His fellowship and your worship. It’s as simple as opening your heart of faith to Him just […]

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When Memories Are Painful  

Are you ok? Painful memories? Is everything in your life good right now, or are you suffering?  I can relate.  Life can be painful sometimes. We all wish we could have seventy years of goodness, but that isn’t real life. Throughout my life, God has taught me valuable lessons regarding painful memories that I would like […]

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Life’s Greatest Purpose 

One of my most inspirational stories is that of Nick Vujicic born without arms and legs determined to find the purpose for his life. Against his tremendous challenges, he has become an international motivational speaker, who founded his own company and speaks about his ridiculously good life which has no Limits. He says, “recognizing your […]

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Total Recall

Thanksgiving Pt3

Most people seem to be living in fear while others are uptight, worried and anxious, filled with frustration and concern. In the natural there may be good reason, but understand, living that way is not God’s best. God doesn’t want us to be filled with anxiety and frustration; He wants us to live in peace. […]

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End of Year Prayer for Your Finances

Praise Prepares The Way For Victory

When hard times come your way what do you focus on? We can learn so much from the apostle Paul. He was deliriously happy and joyful because of what Christ had done in his life. Even when he was chained and shackled in a dark prison because of his faith, Paul praised God, and counted […]

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20 Inspiring Christian Quotes from Leaders of the Faith

The Christian Privilege

When you become a Christian, you have certain privileges because you have surrendered your way and your will to Him, you are His. When you chose Him, God put a blood line around you that the enemy cannot cross. Hallelujah! As long as you keep God first place in your life, you have a hedge […]

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Amazing! When we are born again, we become children of the Most High God! The scripture says we are “adopted” into His family. In the natural, by law, an adoptive parent can never disown their adopted child. In the same way, God will never disown you! When you receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, […]

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Jesus Christ, our Good Shepherd, finds joy in seeing His diseased sheep progress toward healing.


Four of my friends and I had the privilege of seeing “Healed” an awesome play by Mark Grey, a Christian director. In reflection this sprang to mind, relationships are so important in the eyes of God. As His children, He desires that we live in unity and stay connected with one another. When we are […]

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