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Wisdom Wednesdays

The promise of a glorious new beginning came from God to the Children of Israel at a bleak period of their history. They were in captivity, lost everything, and were homesick for the land God had promised them. But God wanted to do a new thing for them. Maybe you can identify with the Children […]

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It’s Time To Grow Up 

God’s intervention can feel poorly timed, perhaps even prickly, sharp, and uncomfortable. But convenience is not something we should expect from God.   God may not operate on our time frame, but He is always on time. Any attempt to schedule growth or to wait until life isn’t so busy, to wait until the children are […]

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Parenting For Eternity If someone asked you what you wanted most for your children. Your automatic response would properly be, “Success!”

Parenting For Eternity

If someone asked you what you wanted most for your children. Your automatic response would properly be, “Success!” As a follower of Christ, I’ve discovered things more important than success in and of itself. Our time on earth is short, and eternity is sure to follow. James 4:14 describes life on earth as, “a mist […]

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Love and trust God no matter what

Recently I’ve been reflecting on the different experiences that have occurred in my life. Some have been joyful, memorable, and pleasant experiences that have caused me to smile and brought my joy to my heart as I remember. While others have been difficult, dark, and painful to recall. These have brought tears to my eyes […]

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Faith-based Methods For Overcoming Stress

Fighting Faith 

Several years ago, my family and I went through a difficult season. I lost my job; it was an unforeseen and challenging time in our family and in our relationship with God. Although we put our trust in Him, we definitely lived moments where our hope seemed weak and our faith, small.  The scripture shares […]

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Dedicated Disciples ?

Becoming a serious Christian, around 15 years ago, was the most liberating moment of my life. It was also daunting. A world that once was familiar now appeared foreign, simply because most people I knew were not free. However, I knew I would need a family of fellow believers, for strength and survival.   With […]

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Living with Integrity

Living with Integrity  Integrity is something that seems to have disappeared from our society, yet it is such a powerful attribute in the life of the believer. Integrity means that you are dependable. You are a person of your word. You are consistent and honest.  You may say, “Oh, I’m a pretty good person”, “I […]

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Is Your Life On Autopilot??

As we move swiftly through this year, It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and go into next year on autopilot. Doing the same things, with the same problems, the same struggles and on the same income. But, because God is such a dynamic God, He wants us to rise higher and continually grow […]

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Waiting Patiently 

A few years ago, while in Tanzania, I spent days waiting to see the snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, but inclement weather was keeping the peak hidden. In the end, I went to sleep hoping the next day I would see it. Early the next morning, I opened my eyes to see that huge white […]

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Overcoming Offences 

Some of the definitions for the word Offence are the act of provoking, annoying, irritating or causing pain or injury. It is also the reaction the offence produces, like indignation, resentment, or anger, which can lead to a breach in relationships. When someone sins against you, your flesh rises and demands retribution. But the way […]

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God Says I Love You

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in Africa at night reflecting on my life. I looked up and It was amazing. The lights, the stars and the bright moon all seemed so surreal as they shouted “I love you, Ray!”. Throughout my life, I see God’s love even amid chaos. There is tremendous power […]

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Compromise A Dangerous Road 

Small compromises can easily grow and before you realise it, you’re compromising in bigger areas too. Do you lie to look better than others? Perhaps you decide to go to a party that you know your parents wouldn’t approve of. Are you dating the guy that looks cute, but who you know isn’t a good […]

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3 Truths About Christianity

It Hurts To Grow

As a child I was very short whenever I complained about aches or pains that had no clear physical explanation, my parental diagnosis was: “It’s just growing pains.” I used to imagine my muscles and bones hurting while they stretched and grew. While I know nothing about the scientific nature of this evaluation then, today […]

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Why Retirement Is The Perfect Time To Build On Your Faith

Unsinkable Faith 

Think about it. Is your faith unsinkable? Much has been made about the sinking of the Titanic. Some true and some faults. One story tells of a that the newspaper of the day and a   crewman said, “No one could sink this ship, not even God.” The liner went down on April 15, 1912, carrying 2,223 […]

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