5 Ways To Stay Faithful In Your Faith

Nowadays, it’s easy to forget about our faith, since our busy lives and the negativity have taken over, with people dying, many wrongdoings, and sin being evident everywhere we look. Plus, it’s hard to tell who are friends are, especially when someone whom we’re supposed to trust doesn’t really feel accountable for anything”¦ or anyone. […]

Christian Thought

They Were “Spiritual”…But Not Christlike

Anyone who says the Christian life is unadventurous hasn’t hung out much with the Apostle Paul.

Spiritual Growth The Bible

What Does the Bible Say About Friendship?

They are a barometer of what is normal, what is possible. “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future” – Dan Pena.


Politics and Project Management, a Lesson in Leadership

Most people hate office politics, but if we want to move up the chain in an organization, we have to learn how to deal with people who have bad intentions.