Sin, Happiness, and Breaking Out of Spiritual Boredom

Overcoming Sin And Temptation

Just as pollution demoralises the planet today, sin devastated the Garden of Eden. Through man’s disobedience, sin gained a foothold in God’s garden and turned it into a garbage dump. Adam and Eve had always enjoyed protection in the garden, they fell for the serpent’s deception and exposed themselves to danger. In the middle of […]

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A Dream of Hope

Today Americans celebrate the life of the great Christian leader Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Below are four quotes from him that will give us hope in this hopeless time.   “I say to you today, my friends . . . even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a […]

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When Plans Fail 

What do you do when your plans fall apart? Where do you turn? Who do you run to for answers?   In my life, I’ve had many plans fail. What about you? Have you ever had your plans fail? Have you ever made plans and had them changed on you at the last second? Have you […]

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How to Deal with Chronic Fear and Anxiety

The Message of The Advent is “Fear Not” 

In the story of the advent, again and again, we hear the phrase, “Fear not!”  “Fear not Mary” (Luke 1:30); “Fear not, Joseph” (Matthew 1:20-23); “fear not shepherds” (Luke 2:9-12). Like Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds, we are so prone to fear. We’re afraid because we feel alone and forsaken, when we encounter the unknown, […]

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The Prodigal Son

The story of the Prodigal son is a heartfelt illustration of God’s relentless love for us. He gives us the ability to choose Him, He waits for us to turn towards Him, He see us, chases us down, wraps His arms around us, kisses us and celebrates our return back to Him. But I would […]

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Your Abba Father

God rejoices as your Abba Father. You are His child on the authority of His Word. He ordained you and brought you forth. “You brought me out of the womb; you made me trust in you even at my mother’s breast.” And “From birth I have relied on you…I will ever praise you.”  The Father wants to […]

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Patience? ?

Patience is more than just a word. It’s an action of love toward others and an action of trusting in God. As I said yesterday patience is a word I have feared for years. I constantly struggled with putting that word into action and living it out in a way that reflects Christ’s example.   Just […]

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Good Gifts 

God is a good God and He has good gifts for His children! He wants to bless you with provision and supply all your needs according to His riches in glory. He wants to pour out His abundant favour on you and cause everything you touch to prosper. He wants to bless you with spiritual […]

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Experiencing hardship is never easy. It can be agonizing, exhausting, and depressing. There have been times in my life when I have instantly sensed God’s awesome presence with me during difficult circumstances. But there have been even more instances when it seemed as though God was nowhere to be found.  While Jesus was in the […]

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Letting Go

One of my favourite bible stories is the Prodigal Son. Watching the father allow his youngest son to leave home and experience life reminds me of the challenges parents face daily. The process of growing and maturing is not always pleasant to watch.  We cannot raise strong, responsible children or even spiritual sons and daughters by shielding […]

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We have Super powers

Did you know that you have a superpower? Yes! Jesus has proclaimed us all to be Super Heroes! We can move mountains with our mind! We can cause seas to part! We can kill fig trees….? Ok, that last one doesn’t seem so glamorous but you get the point right? Jesus says “when you pray […]

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When Memories Are Painful  

Are you ok? Painful memories? Is everything in your life good right now, or are you suffering?  I can relate.  Life can be painful sometimes. We all wish we could have seventy years of goodness, but that isn’t real life. Throughout my life, God has taught me valuable lessons regarding painful memories that I would like […]

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We Can Do It! 

As the Israelites got to the borders of the Promised Land, Moses sent out scouts to assess the situation. Ten scouts returned with reports that focused on the giants in the land, men so big and powerful the scouts feared they could not be defeated. However, two of the scouts focused on the promise from […]

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Pray & Teaching Your Children 

How should we as parents teach our children in the way of God? by our testimony. Christian parents are to hand down their witness of the gospel to their children. And their children will pass it along to the next generation.  Our first duty is to our homes. A person who does not start his […]

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