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Don’t Worry Be Happy…? ?

Have you heard the popular song, “Don’t worry, be happy” or the phrase “don’t worry it’s really not that bad – everything will get better.” Are these words of encouragement or could this be denial of the pain and reality, the stifling down of emotions?  Thinking about these responses got me wandering. John had just experienced the earth-shattering, heaven-opening […]

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Don’t Worry About Evil People

Have you had folk come against you, make fun of you and rip your name to shreds? King Saul in the Bible had people come against him. They were making fun of him. He could have easily become distracted and lost his focus. He could have defended himself saying, “I’m the leader. I have what […]

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God Sees You

God’s Love

I’m always disheartened, bewildered and even confused by the way we use the word “love,” prompting the question “what is love?” We love food, movies, clothes and sports, but we also love our family or spouse. In the Word of God, we see God’s true definition of love. First Corinthians 13 tells us that “love […]

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The Dangers Of Sexual Sin

“I find more bitter than death the woman who is a snare, whose heart is a trap and whose hands are chains. The man who pleases God will escape her, but the sinner she will ensnare.”  (Ecclesiastes 7:26 NIV) Solomon most likely wrote the above verse from Ecclesiastes in his later years. Who better to write […]

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God Gave Me Power and Authority

Sealed With Power And Authority

Did you know that you were created with power and authority? Today’s scripture tells us that you have the mark of authority of the Almighty. We don’t often hear about signet rings anymore; but in Bible times, they were very significant. The signet ring was used to identify the message or messenger, and the authority […]

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The Enemy Will Flee

The Enemy Did It

Have you ever done what you thought was right, only for everything to go wrong? in Matthew 13 there is a parable about a man who went out to his field and planted wheat in the ground. He sowed good seed. But while he slept, an enemy came in and planted weeds. The man didn’t […]

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62 Reasons Why I Love My Mom

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Do you want to be satisfied? Did you know that respecting and honouring God will lead you to experiencing satisfaction? Yes, that’s right; no matter where you’re at, what is troubling you, or what has happened to you in the past, true satisfaction is close at hand. It’s found in a personal relationship with Jesus […]

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Can God Be Trusted?

Father I Trust You With My Life

With many of our youth today growing up without a father-figure in their lives, it becomes hard for them to trust God and love God. Unlike David, who despite lives challenges, he chose to put his life in the hands of the Lord. In Psalms 31:15, He says, “I trust You, God, because I know […]

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Prisoners of Hope

To be incarcerated physically I’m told is difficult to deal with. Locked up for hours per day, cut off from loved ones and surround by darkness and evil. Do you know that many of us are in prison in our minds. What about you? Are you in an emotional prison right now? You may not […]

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Wise Words


The Word of God is like a sword, the Bible says it has the power to protect you and keep you from sin. The Word of God is powerful in our lives, it’s living and active like food! Did you know that the Word of God when spoken causes evil to flee?  In the Bible, […]

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10 Scriptures That Remind Us We Are Showered in Grace

We Will Get Through

I hear this question over and over these days – are we going to get through these difficult times? It’s easy to get discouraged during the tough times. Have you ever gone through something that felt like the valley of the shadow of death? But I love what it says in today’s verse, “though I […]

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How to Stand With God Through the Storms of Life


In these times people are standing up for all kinds of reasons – against racism, against the vaccine, against voter fraud and the list goes on. One of the reasons people take a stand is because of poor choices others have made but other times, people have to take a stand to protect what is […]

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20 Inspiring Christian Quotes from Leaders of the Faith

The Christian Privilege

When you become a Christian, you have certain privileges because you have surrendered your way and your will to Him, you are His. When you chose Him, God put a blood line around you that the enemy cannot cross. Hallelujah! As long as you keep God first place in your life, you have a hedge […]

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The Church The Bad and The Ugly 3

How To Change Bad Habits

What needs changing in your life? A bad habit, a bad attitude, or even negative, evil thoughts. You have to start by changing your mind. You have to change your thinking so that your thoughts are in line with God’s thoughts. When you make the decision to follow God in every area of your life, […]

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Worldly Peace Vs. God’s Peace

Seek Peace Not Strife

Many people fall into the evil trap of strife. Someone may say or do something that rubs you the wrong way, and before you know it, there is tension, quarrelling and division. The Bible tells us that strife opens the door to every evil work. It’s the enemy’s greatest trap to keep people from living […]

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The Devil Does Not Shoot BlanksThe Devil Does Not Shoot Blanks

Words For Good Or Evil

This week I have felt the wrath of someone’s tongue, as well as wise words spoken to encourage and uplift. It’s easy to use words as a weapon. We’ve all either been “cut” by the words of others, or we’ve used words to put someone “in their place.” The truth of the matter is that […]

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