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Blessings For Everyone

God has a blessing for everyone that will cause us to rise from lack into abundance! It will take you from barely getting by, to more than enough. God’s blessing brings supernatural increase and peace of mind. We were never created to drag through life constantly struggling. God has commanded blessings when we come into agreement with […]

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God Calls Me Friend 

Did you know that the all-Knowing, all-Powerful Creator of the universe wants to be your friend today? He wants to walk with you, talk with you and simply share life with you. That’s why He created you, for His fellowship and your worship. It’s as simple as opening your heart of faith to Him just […]

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Pain Or Misery  

Today’s verse, found in James 1:2, is interesting because it has the phrase “when” instead of “if.” You see, some people think that life is going to be all roses and sunlight. But if I told you that, I would be speaking from a closed Bible.  Whether you are a Christian or not, life guarantees one […]

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Seek God presence your Life

We live in a world of uncertainty and unpredictability. Life can be full of disappointments and sorrow, but knowing Jesus provides us much more than a life free of suffering. If you’ve accepted His offer of eternal life, you know that He is with you no matter what life brings. Because of His great love, […]

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God Is A Finisher

How long will it take? This is taking way too long. Is there something you’ve been waiting for? Something you’ve been hoping for that’s taking longer than you expected. You might be tempted to just accept things the way they are. You might be tempted to think it’s never going to happen. Be encouraged because […]

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The Sunset 

Sometimes sunsets make me pull over and take pictures, and I often see others who do the same too. People tend to stop what they are doing to enjoy the beautiful view. Have you ever wondered why people are so amazed by the setting of the sun? The Psalms offer a clue. The psalmist wrote […]

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The Most Glorious Announcement

After man’s fall into sin, humans continued to live as precious works of the Creator while also needing to be redeemed from sin and brokenness. So in his great and amazing love for us, God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the price for our sin and to give us new life forever with him. And now the […]

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He Became Flesh

Each Gospel in Scripture gives a trustworthy account of Jesus’ life, but they don’t all repeat the same events. In Matthew and Luke we learn details about Jesus’ birth. John doesn’t mention Jesus’ birth, but he explains its deep meaning. John links Jesus with the creation of the world: “In the beginning was the Word.” Who is this […]

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God Made You, You

I heard someone saying they wished they looked different. They wished they were lighter skinned like their friend who gets all the young men. Did you know that when you compare yourself to others, or wish you were like someone else, it’s like saying God just didn’t do a good enough job? It’s actually like […]

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2 Misconceptions About Prayer

Armed For Every Battle

You have the ideas, the creativity and talent to be successful. You can overcome any obstacle through Christ. God has equipped you with everything you need to fulfil your destiny through His Word. That means you are well able to do what He has called you to do. You can accomplish your goals. You can […]

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Prayer for Blessings of the Past Year

Blessings For You

God has a blessing for every one of us that will cause us to rise from lack into abundance! It will take you from barely getting by to more than enough. God’s blessing brings supernatural increase and peace of mind. We were never created to drag through life constantly struggling. God has commanded blessings when […]

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“God said to Moses, ‘I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: I AM has sent me to you.” (Exodus 3:14, NIV)

I Am Your Everything

In Scripture God is called the Great I AM – to many – the greatest title for God. Through this title He’s saying, “I am everything you need. I am the Creator of the universe. I am the one who spoke the worlds into existence. I am your strength. I am your wisdom. I am […]

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What Kind of Life is This?

Overflowing With Abundant Life

Have you ever wanted a better life? You may not have the biggest house or newest car, but God promises abundant life for you. His abundant life goes way beyond the things we can see in this natural world. His abundant life means that you can have peace in the midst of life’s storms. His […]

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As we come towards the end a year of uncertainty, one person that is certain is God! We serve a great and mighty God who is in control despite the chaos! He is the Creator of the universe, the one who spoke the worlds into existence. Scripture says He is the Great I AM, and He’s […]

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8 Reasons You Should Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

Brag On God

In today’s verse, David was declaring the goodness of God and bragging on His faithfulness! We need to always remember that every blessing in life is from God. That job, good break, healing, or new opportunity – that was God’s doing. Scripture says that every good and perfect gift comes from the Father above. There’s […]

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I Just Can't Help But Talk About Jesus

His Goodness

In these uncertain times we can learn the attitude of the psalmist David. He was going through very tough uncertain times when he declared the words in today’s verse. He said in effect, “I’m not worried. I’m not upset. I am confident I will see God’s goodness.” In other words, “this situation I’m in may […]

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