Maybe We Are Scattered on Purpose

In a moment, everything changed. Life, as usual, ceased and Christianity and the world plunged into a time of fear and uncertainty.  This sounds like our current situation during a pandemic, war, and major growth in anti-social behaviour, but it also speaks to a time of “great persecution” the early Church faced. The vibrant new […]


3 Christian-Themed Films To Consider This 2018

While Hollywood has produced a good share of well-made movies that are clearly Christian through-and-through (A Man For All Seasons, The Passion of the Christ), it has also produced countless other gems that are deeply Christian at their core despite not looking so on the surface.

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Inspired by the Need for Wholesome Content Sharing, Godinterest Offers a Pinterest Alternative

While Pinterest promotes connections through pins and boards, Godinterest reveals a growing community with a higher connection and purpose