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Promises Delayed Not Denied

It could be that your faith is not the kind that thinks God owes you anything. Lucky you! God will never disappoint. But Abram was of the other sort. God promised him more than once that he would have a son to carry on his name and he would hold him to that. In our […]

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My Anger and Need for Control Was Killing My Marriage (And My Faith)

Let Go Of Anger Before As You Sleep

Scripture reminds us that the Lord longs to pour out blessings on us even while we are sleeping! During these difficult times, many people struggle with sleeping at night. They stay awake or get poor sleep because they are constantly focused on their problems and worrying about tomorrow. But that’s not God’s plan! He wants […]

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Blessed Are the Peacemakers

How To Make Most Of The New Year

Many people give advice on how to make the most of the New Year. They may suggest a new diet, a new exercise routine, new learning programs, new money management, or new relationships, but there is something else we should consider. Something that includes all those areas of our lives and more. God’s word! Read […]

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During the Holidays our days can be so busy that we forget how fragile life really is. It’s easy to allow little things to creep in and steal our peace and joy. Maybe something doesn’t go our way, or someone says something upsetting. Even traffic can cause us to lose focus if we let it. […]

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Sad face sign

Are You Hurting?

If you are hurting this holiday season, remember:  Christ is the hope for the broken-hearted. Pain is real. He felt it. Heartbreak is inevitable. He experienced it. Tears come. His did. Betrayal happens. He was betrayed.  He knows. He sees. He understands. He loves deeply, in ways we can’t even fathom. When your heart breaks […]

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I Feel Unworthy 

A few years ago, I accepted the challenge to assist the Mayor of London and other community leaders in fighting gun and knife crime. I started feeling overwhelmed and inadequate. Do you ever feel inadequate for what you are called to do? You’re not the first one to feel that way! So often, when we […]

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Don’t Waste Today?

On Monday afternoon, while at school,  I received the news of an earthquake in Indonesia. The reports were that 160 had died and hundreds were injured. People were sitting enjoying their day, setting goals for the future, and living unrepentant lives. And in a moment-their lives came to an end. Our days can be so […]

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family bonding during quarantine

Blessed With Benefits

When you obey God’s Word and have an attitude of excellence and integrity, the Bible says that God’s blessings will overtake you. You won’t be able to outrun the good things of God no matter how hard you try. He will daily load you with benefits! You won’t have to go chasing after blessings. When […]

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I’ve Been Waiting To Long

Just recently, I got frustrated because what I had been praying for was taking a long time. What are you praying for? Is it taking longer than you thought or expected? No matter how long you may have been standing on God’s promises, don’t give up! Your season is coming. Your harvest of blessing is […]

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Waiting Patiently 

A few years ago, while in Tanzania, I spent days waiting to see the snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, but inclement weather was keeping the peak hidden. In the end, I went to sleep hoping the next day I would see it. Early the next morning, I opened my eyes to see that huge white […]

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Favour in Store For You

Today’s scripture talks about how time and chance will come together for every person. In other words, there are moments of favour that God has already released into your future. If you let that thought sink down into your heart, it will change your whole outlook on your future. People miss out on the good […]

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God Help Me, I’m Unworthy Of This Assignment 

Not long ago I accepted the challenge to assist the Mayor of London and other community leaders in fighting gun and knife crime. I began feeling overwhelmed and inadequate. Have you ever felt inadequate for what you have been called to do? Well, you’re not the first one to feel that way!  So often, when we […]

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Oh God I Need A Fresh Start

Do you need a fresh start? Even as believers and ministers in Christ, we’ve all sinned, made mistakes and made some wrong choices. The Bible says that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But the good news is that we don’t have to stay separated from God in our sin. God […]

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Joy and Pain

Recently, I watched a friend bury her daughter. Her heart was breaking apart with grief. The loss and loneliness are crushing burdens she carries every day. It seems almost sacrilegious to read today’s verse about rejoicing when we face trials with respect to my friend’s circumstances. Does God expect her to rejoice in this devastating […]

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Spiritually Boring

Life has a way of becoming boring and mundane – it needs some freshening up from time to time. Today may be the day to stir up what God has placed inside you. It’s time to stir up those gifts, stir up those dreams, and stir up those talents on the inside. Start stretching yourself. […]

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Don’t Let It Expire 

One day I received a gift card that I stored in a special place for so long that I forgot I had it. Most gift cards have an expiration date, and if you don’t use them, you will surely lose them! The same is true with the Word of God. No, the Word doesn’t ever […]

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