That Thing Called “LOVE"

Divine Favour

Your life today may seem to have no order and your future looks bleak. God says in Scripture that He has laid out plans for each one of us. When God laid out the plan for your life, He lined up the right people, the right circumstances and the right breaks. He’s already released favour, […]

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God's Wisdom and You (Part 2)

Are Your Roots Grounded In God?

Have you ever felt like your life is spinning out of control? Do you feel tossed around by the storms of life? Have you ever seen a tree in a hurricane? The wind and the rain blows the leaves from the branches, and sometimes the branches are torn off and the tree is blown over. […]

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Spring Time

We are just a few weeks into spring – the time of year when many people sow their seeds. The Scripture talks about seasons of sowing and reaping in your life. In Psalms, it talks about sowing in tears and reaping in joy. That verse is saying that the sowing seasons are usually the most […]

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God Will Bring You Through

God Is Working

We often surprise God with our sins and behaviour. We think God is just out there watching and waiting for us to get things right. Our God is a God of love, and He wants to help bring the best things into our lives.  God is at work in your life each and every day, […]

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Your Giving Opens The Door To Abundance

When something is good, we often want as much of it as we can get. We want our glasses, bowls, bank accounts to overflow.  That’s how it is with God’s blessings, we all want more of God’s favour and goodness. The good news is we serve a God of abundance! He wants to pour out His […]

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Take A Closer Look

Take a close look at your life. Can you see the “brand new thing” God is doing? Sometimes the storms of life can cloud our vision, but look closer and you will see the hand of God moving in many areas in your life.   No matter what you’re going through or where you are in […]

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You Cannot Serve Two Masters

A Faithful Servant

Are you ready for a blessing? When we are faithful with what God has placed in our hands, we position ourselves for a blessing. Many people pray, “God bless me!” But God is saying, “Are you being faithful with what I have given you?” Scripture tells us that when we are faithful with the little, […]

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Season = Ploughing, Planting, Watering and Harvest

The Seeds You Sow Determines The Harvest

Next to my home just outside of London there are two massive conifer trees. I often wonder how old they are, their trunks are bigger than the houses and they are as tall as skyscrapers. Have you ever looked at a large, old tree and wondered how long it has been there? It’s amazing to […]

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Faith can move mountains

Praise = Faith In Action

One of my biggest pet peeves is the lack of praise for God amongst believers. We were created to praise God. Praise is powerful! Praise is putting your faith in action. Just as putting your physical body into action to make it grow strong, putting your faith in action through prayer and thanksgiving will cause […]

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Miracles, Favour & Blessings

God has performed many amazing miracles throughout history. He parted the Red Sea, He stopped the sun for Joshua and fed thousands of people with just a little boy’s small lunch. It’s important that we give Him glory for those things. We often focus on what God has done in the past, but at the […]

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Time To Move Forward

Life is not always fair. In fact, God warns us of just the opposite! People aren’t perfect; we all make mistakes and bad decisions. You may have hurt or been hurt by others in the past, but what’s most important is how you choose to deal with that hurt. If you harbour hurt and offences, […]

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Lord, Prepare Me to Be a Godly Parent

The Kingdom OF God is Like…

While at seminary school I was told “you are what you’re becoming”. And in the new testament we are reminded that we are kingdom people now. So what’s God’s kingdom like? In God’s kingdom, when you give, it comes back to you pressed down, shaken together and running over. In God’s kingdom, you can have […]

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Godinterest Relaunches its Open Publishing Platform

God Open The Window

We are all called to be stewards over the resources God has given us. When we are faithful stewards of our time, talent and money, the Lord entrusts us with more. God wants to open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings the Bible says, but, our part is to be faithful and obedient […]

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Get A Vision

Looking at the world’s current situation, it’s hard to believe at times that God desires that you be blessed and prosperous. But it’s true, He wants you to have so much peace, joy and victory that it spills over onto those around you. He desires that you be so blessed that you can turn around […]

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What does it mean to be crucified with Christ?

I’m Going Further

Don’t you dare settle for a mediocre life! No matter what’s happening in your life today, you are not limited by resources or family background. God has equipped and empowered you. He has blessed you with creativity, ideas, inventions, skills and talents. Today, call forth those seeds of greatness within you!  Today, go further and […]

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Life Changing Moments

Before the foundations of the world, God laid out an exact plan for your life. In this plan, He has placed life-changing moments in your life. These moments are not ordinary, they can even be moments of pain, they are destiny-altering moments. They are designed to thrust you years ahead into your God-given success.  In […]

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