Blessed Are the Peacemakers

How To Make Most Of The New Year

Many people give advice on how to make the most of the New Year. They may suggest a new diet, a new exercise routine, new learning programs, new money management, or new relationships, but there is something else we should consider. Something that includes all those areas of our lives and more. God’s word! Read […]

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Lift Your Shield Of Faith 

Fear includes worry. We worry about our kids, our relationships, our finances, or any number of things, we are living in fear. And it can be paralyzing.  Fear displaces our faith. Faith is the assurance of God’s ability to help and strengthen us, giving us spiritual wisdom. When fear displaces our faith, we find it […]

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How to Use the Bible to Parent Children With Disabilities

United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund estimates that about 240 million children are born with impairments. As a result, Christians raising children with disabilities must understand how to nurture them biblically. However, this might be one of the most difficult elements of parenting. The good news is that you can often find guidance on how […]

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When Your Church Fails You: A Message For the Disheartened

How to Soothe Your Anxious Heart (Pt 3)

Anxiety is not that simple because it is often misunderstood to be simply that a person is stressing too much. There is a distinct difference between the sin of anxiety (fear and worry of being caught in your sin) and the mental health disorder of anxiety that is characterized by physical changes in the brain. […]

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2 Misconceptions About Prayer

Armed For Every Battle

You have the ideas, the creativity and talent to be successful. You can overcome any obstacle through Christ. God has equipped you with everything you need to fulfil your destiny through His Word. That means you are well able to do what He has called you to do. You can accomplish your goals. You can […]

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God Rewards The Diligent

Anointed & Equipped

Not only has God equipped you, but He is also working in you. He has already lined up everything you need to live a victorious life. You were created to excel! Greatness is inside of you. Don’t settle where you are. Have the attitude, “I am anointed. I can accomplish my dreams. I can overcome […]

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Fear Not

Your Fear Is Not From God

As we reflect on 2020, so many people have missed out on God’s abundant life of joy, peace and victory because they have lived in a spirit of fear. They are afraid to make a decision, afraid to confront issues, afraid to step out, afraid of the past, afraid of the future, afraid of racism […]

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