Wisdom Wednesday

Have you ever felt lost, unsafe and disoriented? It can be quite overwhelming. It might even be difficult to admit. I have some good news is you don’t need to worry or fear is near. He describes Himself as the who cares so deeply about the one who is lost, in danger and overwhelmed. In fact, his concern is so intense that he leave the others in pursuit for the one who is lost. And He won’t stop until the one is found, and secure in His arms.

His primary concern is to find you. you safe and protect you from all harm and danger. And when he finds you He will carry you home where you belong with him. But here’s the thing, he does all this with joy in his heart. He doesn’t ask questions about where you’ve been and how you got there he just wants you to know that you are loved so deeply by Him.

Wherever you are know that He is concerned about you, he is looking for you, you are loved, safe and protected by Him. – Sophia Peart


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