Joyful Swagger?

This morning on the breakfast show we had a joyous time. Did you know that it is God’s for you to be joyful always? He wants you to be happy and carefree. He wants you to love your life no matter what your situation looks like. When you have joy amid difficult circumstances, it is evidence that you have faith and trust that God will bring you through.
I submit to you today, joy is strength. When you have God’s joy, you can stand strong no matter what’s going on around you. You may say, “I’m not a real jovial person. I’m mostly serious. I never laugh much.” And of course, God made us all differently, but you can train yourself to laugh and smile more. One article said that the average laughs over 200 times a day, but the average adult only laughs 4 times a day. What’s happened? We’ve allowed the pressures of life, stress and more responsibilities, little by little, to steal our joy.
Today, make your mind up to get your joy back, get your smile back and get your Holy Swagger back. Decide that you are going to look beyond your and look at what God will do on your behalf. Ask Him every day to fill you with His supernatural and joy so that you can live in His strength, and abundance all the days of your life! 

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Jesus.” (1 5:16–18, NIV)

Let’s Pray 

Yahweh, I humbly receive Your Word, today. Lord, give me Jesus’ joy in this very moment. I choose to open my heart to You and invite You to fill me with Your , joy and strength. I rebuke the spirit of sadness and misery, in Jesus’ name. Thank You for showing me Your goodness and empowering me with Your grace. I bless You today and always, in Christ’s name. Amen.


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By Pastor Ray Patrick

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Pastor Ray Patrick is a R.E Teacher at The Eden School

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