He Can See You

Growing up, I was always very short, The shortest at school and church. If you were short like me, you know that you were in the front row of every photo and always behind the tallest person at any event. Zacchaeus must have felt that way too. The bible says he was short, and the crowd was growing. The people wanted to see as he walked down the street. The only thing Zacchaeus could do was run ahead and climb a Sycamore tree.

He just wanted a glimpse of Jesus. He did not expect to be, noticed what he didn’t know was that Jesus could see him. Jesus always knows where we are and can see all that we do.Jesus then invited himself to dinner and offered friendship. Zacchaeus came down from the tree and was no longer invisible in the crowd.
Today is a great day to look for Jesus and prepare for him to come and see you. There may be times in our lives when we feel invisible, and we may hear about great things that Jesus is doing for others but have a hard seeing or believing that he might notice us.The of Zacchaeus reminds us that no matter who we are or what we , Jesus can see us and wants to invite himself into our lives. Won’t you let him in in 2022?

He wanted to see who Jesus was, but because he was short he could not see over the crowd. — 19:3

Let’s PrayYahweh, thank you for seeing me wherever I am. Father, me know that you want to engage with me and share in my life. , this year I am willing to do whatever it takes to reach you even if it means to stretch or to climb a little higher into a tree so that I can see you coming. I pray this in your name Jesus. Amen.


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By Pastor Ray Patrick

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Pastor Ray Patrick is a R.E Teacher at The Eden School

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