What is Trumpism?   Does it require the practice of artful deceit?  Are we required to bow or fondle in a particular way?  If you are for all colours, do you need to learn obedience to just one, and could that be brown? If your dog has a foreign sounding name, is a multi-swinger and not partial to red, is surgery required to remove all indecency?

Our questions are many, and almost two years on, are we any closer in our understanding of how to become a Trumpeter?

Do you need to hone your military attack skills by going after Gold Star families, Senator McCain or Senator Kerry who both served their country with distinction and suffered no delusion about bone spur deferments, sitting out Vietnam or two missed Armistice Day visits to Arlington Cemetery as Commander in Chief?

Why are we not surprised when we learn that 668 days into his presidency the Trumpet in chief is not for light rain, and has spent 210 days at Trump properties and 159 days at golf properties?  He watches more TV than most and its little wonder he has no time to pay respect to the fallen.

If you remain of irritable mind, and dagger sticking is your thing, then maybe you want to go after Adm. William H. McRaven, retired Navy SEAL and Special Operations commander who oversaw the killing of Osama bin Laden and the capture of Saddam Hussein during his 37 years in the U.S. military, because he had the audacity to challenge the Trumpets description of the news media as the “enemy of the people”.

To be a fully-fledged Trumpeter requires a special delusion.  The wall he has started, he hasn’t, the greatest deal maker ever has yet to unravel the North Korea tragedy because their nuclear program is escalating, and deploying 15,000 troops to the border to stop the imminent caravan is a political stunt worthy of our highest esteem, but if caravanning remains your thing and troops authorised to fire on pebble throwing boys and girls is untroubling to you, then you are unlikely to pay heed to McRaven’s words that the Trumpet “embarrassed us in the eyes of our children, humiliated us on the world stage and, worst of all, divided us as a nation.”

Perhaps with three years of reflection, the allure of being a Trumpeter is waning and something more inclusive, an orchestra of harmonious string and wood wind may now be more desirable, then come soar with the rest of us, because just about everything which ails us can be worked through.

Do we need a clear boarder?  Yes   Do we need sensible immigration policy which reflects the wider needs of the economy?  Yes   Do we need gun laws which are also sensible?  Yes   Should America stop being the only country in the developed world to not have healthcare for all?  Yes   Do we need to cut back on over lifestyling and running up debt which the US cannot afford?  Yes  Do we finally need to recognise consensus science which says we are abusing the natural world and immediate correction is required?         Yes.   

That wasn’t too difficult was it?

In January our finest politics will hopefully come to the corridors of Congress and its members reminded of the ideals that nation building must always Trump the divisive camps of red and blue, because only then can consensus building flourish.

The hallowed chambers will then be able to come together to find common ground and steer the country beyond a four-year cycle, but a generational one which is reflexive and certain in purpose, and possibly the dirtiest of all words, ‘compromise’ may finally be viewed afresh, and the divided aisles of society cleansed with a renewed energy and vision.

The Trumpet and fellow Trumpeters need to understand that we have little respect for a private gentleman who did not exert himself to gain an estate, or even a considerable office, but instead acquired with meanness and injustice. We are reminded recently of just how vile the Trumpet was when he sought to change the will of his father to favour his own standing in order to bail out his bankrupt businesses, and when he wasn’t undermining his siblings, he was seeking to undermine the Federal and State treasuries at every turn by paying as little tax as he could contrive.

A man who neither credits to himself, nor wishes that other people should credit to him, fears no humiliation and dreads no detection. Such a man of contended character would therefore have no need to constantly remind us “there was no collusion” when we know otherwise because of the more than 30 indictments and guilty pleas, and now we await the Mueller report for final conclusion. 

Then we may come to understand whether his constant attempts of obstruction and his indelicate past of shady Russian deal making played any part in the Trumpets continual blind spot to Russian interference in the 2016 elections or his cosy relationship with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia who is reported to have ordered the brutal killing of Khashoggi.

Should we be surprised the Trumpet drives those who are deemed insufficiently loyal from his presence, and then rewards their services, James Comey, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions and many others, not only with ingratitude, but with cruelty and injustice?

How to read this Trumpet?  There was a time when he would abandon his confidence to flatters and traitors who pretend to idolize his vanity, but times have moved on. While on route to Paris for the World War 1 memorial service he took a call from British Prime Minister Theresa May who congratulated him on his successes in the Mid Terms and the Trumpet reportedly unleashed a tirade against her.

The foul mood leader had an opportunity to walk shoulder to shoulder with 60 other world leaders down the Champs Elyse and send a profound message to those seeking disruption to our lives, but instead he retreated to the US embassy to get his daily fix of cable TV and send out more of his callous twits.

Treachery and falsehood are vices so dangerous and dreadful, that we are more disinclined of them than of almost any other, but not with the Trumpet.  He prides himself on his ability to dismantle any sound reasoning for his overstated achievements, the greatest tax for the middleclass ever, until he was told it sits eighth in its rank of economic and social impact, and the people turned when the real truth was uncovered that the meagre rations to the poor were overshadowed by the handouts to the already wealthy corporates and top 1%.

In normal times the Trumpet would have lost his authority and government would have come to an end, but the Trumpet knows not normal because his instincts are to lash out at the slightest noise and hint of discomfort which doesn’t favour his tribal destabilising agenda.

Now the Republican brand of projecting military strength and values which honour constitutional integrity can be counted not on one hand but two fingers, and Senator Flake and dearly departed Senator McCain have stood alone in defending conservative values.

Others like Senator Lindsay Graham have dipped their toes and taken occasional stands but have largely merged into the Trumpets orbit of dystopian amnesia where the once natural distinction between right and wrong has now become mutable and changeable according to the daily rumblings of the Trumpet.

Perhaps the greatest sign of Republican decline can be seen through Senator Marco Rubio, the bi lingual darling who came from the streets and offered a full range of diplomatic and Presidential courtesies. In a recent ad, Rubio said, “This election is about the essence of America, about all of us who feel out of place in our own country.”

A casual read may miss the underlying which is intentionally Trumpian.  Marco’s entire political career was built on not feeling out of place in modern America, and this was not a casual slip of the tongue but an orchestrated shift to channelling the anxieties and resentments of old, white people when the Florida senate races were in the balance.

To tell a man that he lies, is of all the affronts the most mortal, but lying is no longer character defining, but an art and one that is practiced relentlessly in pursuit of what many of us do not understand.

Trumpet”¦”¦”¦I know not where you are taking us?  How is constantly insulting our closest ally Canada where economic trade favours America a good thing? 

He feels coldly towards us, and we feel coldly towards him which only serves to further divide, and in the process takes us nowhere good.

He broke a promise of fixing healthcare, lied about preexisting conditions and the new middle class tax cut to be delivered before the mid-terms, as well as many others calling out China’s currency manipulation and fixing the Iran deal which he solemnly swore would be achieved, and his character if not irretrievably stained and polluted, has at least a ridicule affixed, and we shouldn’t be shy in reminding the Trumpet of his promises made and promises broken.

The world has turned dark and we now need to return to a place when a man who had the misfortune to imagine that nobody believed a single word he said, would feel himself the outcast of human society and would dread the very thought of going into it, because then we will know the character of the nation has been restored and the solo Trumpet committed to undermining institutions of trust will be faded into obscurity.


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  • January 24, 2019
    Verse of the Day

    It is absolutely clear that God has called you to a free life. Just make sure that you don’t use this freedom as an excuse to do whatever you want to do and destroy your freedom. Rather, use your freedom to serve one another in love; that’s how freedom grows. For everything we know about God’s Word is summed up in a single sentence: Love others as you love yourself. That’s an act of true freedom. If you bite and ravage each other, watch out—in no time at all you will be annihilating each other, and where will your precious freedom be then?
    Galatians 5:14 MSG

  • While the rest of the world has real problems, you Americans want to fight and divide your society. Do you not realize you elected a politician to do a job and he has four years to do it? Then you have the opportunity to vote him out of office. It’s a temporary situation, hardly worthy of getting upset about.
    I live in Canada, a country Of moral indifference and lousy healthcare for the chronically Ill. Our tiny military lacks all the resources to do their job. We EXPECT the United States to come to our aid—should we so require. We pay more than half our income in income tax and are taxed to the hilt in everything we eat drink or shit. Yet we don’t complain. Our elections are not pre-programmed, we never know exactly when the next election is going to be. Campaign season last about six weeks—although on occasion it’s lasted all of three months. We have political differences, but our dinner conversations don’t include politics. You see, we actually try to get along with each other. Something you Americans seem to be averse to.
    Politicians make laws and law keepers enforce them. Judges decide whether laws are just and create opportunities for politicians to write new laws. And that is the sum of both of our democratic processes. One politician leaves, another energetic newbie arrives to try to change his corner of the world. But change is slow, and eventually even the newbie gives in to revolving political door,
    You Americans offer the world so much and do so much good. You finance, police and solve the world’s problems. You should be proud of your country. Bickering about a leader who is here today and gone tomorrow only divides relationships with others.
    I used to like America and Americans. I do most of my vacations in your country. I still like the country. But I don’t like Americans anymore, especially angry ones like you.
    Is this really the image you want to portray to the world? I guess people who disagree with you need to hide in a closet.

  • So sorry. I am gonna have to unfollow your blog. Your constant hatred for this one person is all consuming. I just do not need this in my life. If I did, I would just watch CNN. Or listen to the endless entitled celebrities who tell us how to think and believe. God bless- and I hope someday your life can move beyond just hate. The world is a big and sometimes beautiful place.

  • You have no idea about politics, economics or math. You rail against Trump, so American values are we let adults teach our children that anal sex, oral sex and masturbation are the values of America. I don,t think so. They teach young kids they might be a woman. They teach to hate whites . They tell me to open my borders to illiterate people that are going to take a free ride. The last presidents dumb down the population to where they are stupid. We are 25th in the World on literacy of ya progressive values. Read a book called Escape from Freedom it is in a PDF format you want to see how to control society. All you young people do not know what your asking for. If America does not go back to a Republic it will fall in the next 2 yrs. Cause of idiots that cannot think, you take everything your taught by blind faith instead doing your research. Trump-er MAGA your right, I could care less if he commits murder, at least he keeps his word which is more then the rest of America. You so not even know what you are fighting.

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