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An application programming interface (API) is a collection of routines, definitions, and protocols that allow programmers to create software applications. APIs encapsulate implementation and expose only the developer’s required objects and actions. APIs are used by developers in cloud computing to manage servers and other resources via HTTP queries.

API specification emphasizes two parts:

A software module,
An application portion.

How independent the application component is determined fragmentation. In this case, individual library APIs connect with other apps or site sections.

The API does not include application secret logic; developers can leave some places open. Many items can interact in one application. Each has its own API for communicating with other application objects.

APIs are everywhere. Most Internet resources employ many APIs as this method is reliable and well-integrated. Modern websites and apps often use APIs.

Netooze Public API is a public API for interacting with Netooze services. Actions performed in the Netooze dashboard can also be performed using the public API. This documentation describes the Netooze application programming interface (API): the various API operations, request and response structures, error codes, and examples.

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