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Netooze® is a fashion computing streetwear label founded in 2021.

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Dean Jones, a project manager, developer and designer in London who graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2001, has a loyal following for his repurposed patchwork and slogan dresses and T-shirts, and eco-responsibility is a consideration.

The original artwork and a few slogan t-shirts make excellent gifts for tech lovers, designers, programmers, software engineers, architects, big data engineers, web developers, database administrators, computer hardware engineers, computer software engineers, data security analysts, information systems security managers, techies, and everyone in between this fall.

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These days, fashion-tech designers are more and more common. They want to create wearables that interact with the environment and expand the capabilities of the human body. The design of these intelligent fabrics is made possible by the most recent technological breakthroughs, including 3D printing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and digital manufacturing.

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