Our glossary is an educational tool to help people understand the different aspects of website development and internet marketing.

Web hosting is a service provided by companies (the web host) such as Netooze that sell or lease space on a server where you store the files that make your website accessible on the internet. These companies typically require that you own a domain, and they may help you purchase one. Web hosting is also described as a data storage service that maintains user-friendly websites. Every online website has a host server and almost everyone uses a web host to manage the storage. However, not all web hosts offer the same quality. The best measures for the success of a host are their uptime, data speed, and amount of transfer. You can pay more often to get data transferred more quickly.

HostRooster® is a one-stop destination for entrepreneurs to establish and grow their online presence. It offers a platform for creating a professional website, finding clients, making sales, and coordinating business operations. The company also provides a community for users to connect with other entrepreneurs, ask and answer web hosting questions, and access digital services marketplace and associated brands from around the world.