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vStack is a hyperconverged item which replaces solutions of such suppliers as VMware, Oracle as well as others.

The software application is based upon 3 core components: ZFS documents system, FreeBSD operating system as well as BHyVe hypervisor.

FreeBSD is an open-source OS which features an unique BSD (Berkley Software program Circulation) license. The system is extremely trustworthy and requires minimal resources.

ZFS is a file system on which the os is based. It supplies common storage, pictures, copy-on-write, etc.
BHyVe is a second-generation hypervisor originally developed by NetAPP. It is compatible with all guest systems of the Windows household, Unix/Linux, and also it likewise sustains the NVMe protocol.

The vStack solution includes 4 primary elements. The very first is the vStack OS, which is an operating system based on FreeBSD. It is highly effective and also has a built-in BHyVe hypervisor.

The 2nd element is vStack Storage, which is storage space with n +1, n +2 or n +3 redundancy. It operates on iSCSI, NFS and also ingrained accessibility procedures. The storage space supports photos and clones.

The 3rd element is vStack Monitoring which is in charge of keeping an eye on as well as management of the hyperconverged product. It is managed through any type of internet browser in a solitary window. It permits both online and also proactive monitoring.

The last part is vStack Network, virtual changing. It allows customers to manage the selected address swimming pool as well as supports VLAN/VXLAN.

vStack is distinguished by a variety of advantages:

Cross-platform. The remedy works with any brand name (HPE, DELL EMC, Huawei, Supermicro, and so on). The customer selects any kind of platform on their own. There is no vendor lock-in.

Licensing. The remedy is provided on a pay-as-you-go basis. To put it simply, the consumer pays only for the actual use sources, which causes cost decrease of the product.

Import replacement. Hyperconvergence vStack is a Russian growth as well as can be provided to federal government consumers. The product is signed up on the region of the Russian Federation and also is included in the register of Russian software suppliers. Technical assistance is also provided in Russia.

Open-source. The item was established on entirely cost-free software, which minimizes the final price for the ultimate consumer.

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