Our glossary is an educational tool to help people understand the different aspects of website development and internet marketing.

A key role is that of a project sponsor:

    • The project sponsor is accountable to three parties: the board, the project manager, and the project stakeholders.
    • For the board, the sponsor provides culture and values leadership, owns the business case, keeps the project aligned with the organization’s strategy and portfolio direction, governs project risk, collaborates with other sponsors, focuses on benefit realization, recommends cost/benefit optimization opportunities, ensures continuity of sponsorship, provides assurance, and provides feedback and lessons learned.
    • The sponsor provides timely decisions, clarifies the decision-making framework, clarifies business priorities and strategy, communicates business issues, provides resources, fosters trust, manages connections, continues to support the project manager’s role, and helps promote ethical working for the project manager.
    • The project sponsor engages stakeholders, manages stakeholder communications, directs client relationships, directs user governance, directs supplier governance, and arbitrates amongst stakeholders.

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