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An IP address is a one-of-a-kind identifier for a device on the internet or a local network. IP is an abbreviation for “Internet Protocol,” which is a set of rules that governs the format of data sent over the internet or a local network.

The good ol’ IP address is where our adventure begins. According to legend, a network of 1,000 nodes begins with a single IP address.

So it makes sense to define what an IP address is, which requires an understanding of a concept known as binary. Before you panic, binary isn’t that scary; after all, it’s just ones and zeros!

Binary is how computers communicate; in the world of computing, everything is literally 1’s and 0’s! This is because computers use a processor to evaluate a series of 1’s and 0’s to determine how they will function.

These 1’s and 0’s are known as bits, and an IP address is made up of 32 of them! Bits are now conveniently divided into bytes. A byte is an 8-bit group. Each bit in a byte has a value, so adding the bits in an 8-bit byte yields a value. The image below depicts an example of a “bit register”!


As you can see, adding these bits together yields a number. An IP address now consists of 32 bits divided into four octets, or sets of eight bits. Does anyone remember the name for 8 bits?

Give yourself a cookie if you said byte because God knows I don’t need any more cookies…
You can get an IP address by adding the 8-bits for each octet and separating them with a “.”

IP addresses are everywhere, and if you want to advance in the new Building Automation System field, you must understand them.

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