Our glossary is an educational tool to help people understand the different aspects of website development and internet marketing.

Focus in computing refers to the process of choosing a graphical user interface element. Text is transmitted to the component that is the focus when it is typed in manually or copied from the clipboard. A blur event in connection to a particular user interface element is the shifting of the focus away from that element. Usually, a focus is removed from one element by placing it on another element. As a result, focus and blur events frequently take place virtually at the same time but in connection to two different user interface elements, one of which is given the focus while the other is blurred.

The idea is comparable to a text-based environment with a cursor. However, a mouse cursor is also present when examining a graphic user interface. Usually, moving the mouse won’t change the focus; only the mouse pointer will move. A element that may acquire focus can typically be altered by clicking on it with the mouse. The focus can frequently be altered on desktops and laptops using the keypad. According to tradition, Shift+Tab is used to change the attention to the prior focusable element on the screen and the Tab key to the next one. This substitute was required because many pcs didn’t have mice when the graphical interfaces were first developed. Individuals who struggle to operate a mouse will find it easier to use this feature interface as it have never been removed.

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