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Emotional computing is the theory that computers can detect human emotions, and respond like humans, as it’s given in the line. As a result, computers will soon sense our mounting annoyance with their actions and either provide more understanding, human-like signals or reduce the speed at which the games they are playing are being played.” We select a choice that has the same meaning since emotional computing is about human feelings. Since “sensitive replies” refers to human reactions, “sympathetic, human-like communications,” and the need to be attentive to people while chatting, choice B is the one that is correct. Feeling pain is not the same as emotional computing; in fact, it is the reverse. Emotional computing is a technological advancement that might prevent humans from feeling hurt. Because hurt is a bad feeling that should be avoided, option A is untrue. Option C is wrong because “slowing down” relates to speed that is decreased rather than emotions; in fact, it’s one of the functions performed by emotional computing. It may slow down the pace of games to prevent player wrath. According to the hypothesis of “artificial intelligence,” computers are capable of recognizing speech, making decisions, and translating. The cognitive component of intelligence is intelligence, whereas emotional computing deals with human emotions. Artificial intelligence is the source of emotional computing, but it combines “It does not mean exactly the same because of artificial intelligence, psychology, electronics, and other research fields, so choice D is unsatisfactory.

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