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A series of computer programs known as biblical software or Bible software are made to read, study, and occasionally discuss biblical texts and ideas. In that they support digitally prepared books, can be used to show a variety of inspirational books and Bibles, and can be used on portable computers, biblical software packages are similar to e-book readers. Even so, biblical software is more focused on word and phrase searches, attempting to access study materials and opinion pieces from the Bible, referencing different modern translations, comparing related passages and topics, using biblical dictionaries, original language texts and language tools, maps, charts, and other e-books deemed pertinent to understanding texts from a philological perspective.

The way people study the Bible may soon be completely changed by computers. In the past ten years, a wide range of Bible-related software has been created, including easy games for kids, vocabulary exercises for Greek and Hebrew language learners, sermon preparation tools, sophisticated concordances, lectionary software, computer-assisted learning tools, church management software, and many more.

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