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What are the Security Risks of Cloud Computing?

Many businesses are shifting their workloads to the cloud to enhance efficiency and streamline work processes. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, more businesses transitioned to the cloud to allow workers to operate remotely. However, proper knowledge of the risks posed by cloud computing can lead to serious problems in organizations. 

If you have already transitioned to the cloud, or are considering using cloud services, there are several aspects that you should understand.

The security threats facing conventional network systems differ from those of cloud computing. In this regard, you must be aware of the core issues affecting an organization’s operations and take steps to mitigate any security issues.

Here are some of the security concerns for cloud computing systems in an organization.

Limited Visibility into Network Operations

When conducting many work processes at one time, the organization is prone to forfeit some level of visibility and security in the network operations. This is because the management of the systems shifts to the cloud service provider. Based on the type of service model utilized, the change of responsibility varies greatly. Therefore, organizations can monitor the network infrastructure without using network-based monitoring and logging.


The system can also be infiltrated by malware that corrupts sensitive information in the internet-connected cloud environment. Through cloud computing, organizations are opening themselves up to several cloud malware attacks. More than 90% of organizations experience data breaches as cloud services increase. Cybercriminals are also more cloud-savvy, enhancing the threat levels that companies face. Therefore, it is essential to create incentives to manage and manage potential threats to alleviate data breaches.


Data privacy is another issue of concern to many organizations. The compliance standards imposed on cloud services are becoming increasingly stringent to safeguard clients’ data. This is an important aspect that forces organizations to operate within certain limits when using cloud computing services. Cloud systems are very vital in allowing extensive scale user access. Therefore, proper security measures should be in place to monitor how certain operations occur.

Data Loss

Data loss is also a significant security risk in organizations using cloud computing services. Therefore, it is essential to create incentives for managing data and safeguarding the network from losses. The organization needs to have local backups for data to ensure that there are quicker remedies when the cloud system fails. The IT department should also have experienced personnel dealing with all emerging issues.

Inadequate Due Diligence

Transitioning to the cloud should be done with utmost due diligence. There is a need to have stringent measures to safeguard against any losses and breaches. When organizations are transitioning, there are instances when they lose track and fail to operate efficiently. Therefore, it is proper to understand the scope of work involved in transitioning to the cloud and taking appropriate measures to ensure seamless change. 

The IT managers must review the cloud computing services subscribed to ensure that they mitigate against such risks. While the threats cannot be eliminated, the organization has much work to do to ensure consistency in the operations and proper safeguards against any breaches.

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