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Top 8 SEO tips for small business websites

When websites consistently benefit from having increased traffic and better rankings, it has little to do with luck, and more to do with science, which means you can replicate those results too. HostRooster is ready to show you how.

Below we’ve compiled a list of 8 SEO best practices you can incorporate into your business to ultimately:

  • Attract more contacts ready to be customers
  • Experience steady audience growth
  • Earn better rankings in search results
  1. URL optimization

Shorter URL titles that include primary words, are fluff-free and relevant is a repeatedly tested and proven combination. Try it. For example, instead of using “…com/best-mothers-day-gifts-2022”, try “…com/best-mothers-day gifts”. Keep it simple.

  1. Metadata optimization

Metadata is simply data that describes other data, and it is an integral part of how Google determines what a particular website is specifically about. Though Metadata doesn’t directly affect SEO by itself, it can improve engagement, click-through frequency and can tilt the odds in your favour. 

  1. Perform speed checks

Users want a quick-responding website, so speed unsurprisingly plays a huge part in how websites are ranked. The faster your website loads, the higher you are likely to rank. 

  1. Blog + SEO = More traffic

That irrefutable formula, combined with keeping your audience in mind when writing, as well as finding the right keywords, has proven to be one of the most effective ways to drive web traffic. Industry giants like Airbnb and PayPal know this, which is why they experience increased time spent on their websites and heightened trust from customers. Deliver value over fluff. 

  1. Choose the right images

Documented as the second-most popular way to search online, the right, quality image will help users find exactly what they are looking for. Additionally, your SEO rankings could see a boost if you include alt text as well as ensuring the chosen image is compressed. 

  1. Make your website mobile-friendly.

With Google rankings heavily prioritizing mobile-first indexing, it is beyond practical to ensure that your website caters to the incredibly vast mobile audience. When users are able to positively experience your site on a mobile platform, it will add to your overall rankings and increase traffic.


  1. Backlinking

Aside from guest-blogging, backlinking, which helps to establish your site as a credible source by having external sites refer to you as such, is a major way to help with rankings. Google pays special attention to this as backlinking alone can dramatically boost traffic.

  1. Use Google’s resources 

With resources such as Google’s Google My Business (GMB) and Google Analytics, you can garner valuable insights on your campaigns and target audience, all while positioning your physical business for success. Some of these resources may be complicated, but they can be powerful tools in reaping desired results.

We at HostRooster know the above tips work. Apply them and the results will steadily come. If you need help, consider checking out HostRooster’s website builder. We make it easy.

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